Astrophoto: On the Lookout for the Milky Way

Caption: ‘The Lookout’ – Bass Harbor Lighthouse – Acadia National Park, Maine. Credit: Jack Fusco.

This gorgeous shot of the Bass Harbor Lighthouse — seemingly on the lookout for the Milky Way — almost got away from astrophotographer Jack Fusco, but luckily he had a backup plan!

Jack’s description of the photo:

This was the shot that almost got away. I had this in mind and planned out well before I had arived in Acadia. Before the Milky Way was in place on my first visit, the sky was covered by almost the only clouds I saw all trip. A change in forecast for the night before my drive back to New Jersey gave me one last chance to capture it. I set up to take some star trails while waiting for everything to be in position only to have my battery die moments before I took this. Luckily, I had a fully charged backup battery in my bag. I ran to grab it, set back up and started to shoot again. Sitting out under the stars and listening to the water crash against the rocks was an experience that words can not do justice.

Checkout more of Jack’s work at his Flickr page.

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4 Replies to “Astrophoto: On the Lookout for the Milky Way”

  1. Nice picture. I tried to give it a rating, but somehow the only change was a -3 negative stars rating?
    Could someone please change that rating or tell me how to undo what i just did?

  2. Thinking about it, I haven’t actually seen the Milky Way in ~40 years. It is very sad.

  3. The bright light in the distance on the horizon is from what? a city? Or Moon rise?

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