Passing Through – A Beautiful Iceland Timelapse

This awesome video by Kristian Ulrich Larsen and Olafur Haraldsson melds the stark but beautiful landscape of Iceland, the words of Nicola Tesla, and cool computer graphics.

The text is from a speech given by Tesla in 1893, where he implies that the world should be conceived as a whole where everything is interconnected.

“Like a wave in the physical world, in the infinite ocean of the medium which pervades all, so in the world of organisms, in life, an impulse started proceeds onward, at times, may be, with the speed of light, at times, again, so slowly that for ages and ages it seems to stay, passing through processes of a complexity inconceivable to men, but in all its forms, in all its stages, its energy ever and ever integrally present.

A single ray of light from a distant star falling upon the eye of a tyrant in bygone times may have altered the course of his life, may have changed the destiny of nations, may have transformed the surface of the globe, so intricate, so inconceivably complex are the processes in Nature. In no way can we get such an overwhelming idea of the grandeur of Nature than when we consider, that in accordance with the law of the conservation of energy, throughout the Infinite, the forces are in a perfect balance, and hence the energy of a single thought may determine the motion of a universe.”

—Nikola Tesla “The Electrical Review, 1893”

Passing Through from Olafur Haraldsson on Vimeo.

14 Replies to “Passing Through – A Beautiful Iceland Timelapse”

  1. Ooooooh! I stand in awe. I had become a little tired of time lapses, but this is the best I have ever seen. How will this ever be exceeded?
    Congratulations, guys. The music is beautiful, the vision is transcendent. Wow.

    1. Yes, all art must have meaning, mustn’t it. Like flowers and sculpture. Waste of space, really.

  2. Such deep insight from Nicola Tesla into the intricate balance of nature and existence… Thanks to Larson & Haraldsson for giving life to Tesla’s words.

    1. I came back just recently. I was there during a “freak summer” – not exactly sweltering by my standards, but pretty comfortable!

  3. Quite possibly the most boring video I’ve seen in ages and the god-awful ‘spiritual’ commentary made me turn off halfway through. Utterly pointless. If you’re moved by that you probably live in a commune somewhere. Pass the sick-bag Alice!

  4. THIS is impressive work. Congrats gentlemen.

    AND, no one will ever know the full extent of Tesla’s perspective….Awesome.

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