ESA: Unveiling Venus

Article written: 24 May , 2012
Updated: 23 Dec , 2015


With Venus about to get its day in the Sun — very much literally — the European Space Agency has assembled an excellent video about our planetary neighbor.

Watch the video below: 

Once thought to be similar to Earth, possibly even having liquid water and plant life on its surface, Venus has since been discovered to be anything but hospitable to life. Beneath its cream-colored clouds lies a hellish hothouse of searing temperatures and crushing pressure, making attempts at exploration difficult at best. But ESA’s Venus Express, currently in orbit around the planet, has helped scientists learn more about Venus than ever before, opening our eyes to what really lies beneath — and within — its opaque atmosphere.

Venus is still a planet shrouded in mystery (and sulfuric acid clouds!) but we are gradually pulling away the veil.

Video: ESA

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  1. Between 2016-2017, the Akatsuki probe may have a second chance to orbit the planet and continue observations. Perhaps we will learn something new.

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    Aqua4U says

    Mankind’s expansion into the solar system is well tempered by ESA’s European civilities and technology. As an epicureanistically inclined preponderant, I like that ‘space’ is on the plate and therefore I willingly belly up to the trough! More por favor!

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