Beautiful Image: The Moon as Seen from the Space Station

Article written: 16 Apr , 2012
Updated: 23 Dec , 2015


A lovely view for the start of your week: The Moon and Earth’s atmosphere as seen from the International Space Station, taken by a member of the current Expedition 30 crew. See more images from the crew here.

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  1. Olaf2 says

    There are no stars. LOL

  2. Superb pic. I had a small query…. Does ISS have a database of locations worldwide photographed? Or a photo mission that covers a specific location e.g: Mauritius?

  3. Dampe says

    I can play the guitar, does this make me a suitable candidate to work on the international space station?
    Serious, how does one become an astronaut? The luckiest folks in the world!

  4. Prism2Spectrum says


    ___ The Radiance of a Life World

    Above a well-formed planet of teeming Life,
    A silvery Orb exquisitely graces Earth’s Night.

    From Beginning, they joined in Life’s song,
    Before the Light of Time’s awakening Dawn.

    Bathed in reflected Sunlight, from Space afar,
    She sheds her gentle light on Man, by a Star.

    Luna teases her beloved of lasting Bond,
    With Time-phases in months, all around

    On special eves, she softly blushes in Face,
    From enveloping shadow of a World’s embrace.

    Endless courtships she has quietly overseen ,
    Above clouds of Lands, in night’s foreseen.

    Her companion forever turns, in lunar time strong,
    Because of her presence, never to wonder alone.

    A Special Pair, this coupled-union in Solar glare:
    The deep Imprint of Life’s genesis is nurtured there.

    In Planetary Realm desolated in history’s veiled past,
    These lovers dance below stars, with embrace to last.

    Around, worlds of barren wonders, magnificent to know,
    Yet, none compare with her – in Earth’s Illuminating Glow!

    – JRC

  5. Michael Cox says

    Ah the moon……the ancient space station created by the Reptilian world rulers, according to Barbara Marciniak and David Icke.

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