Tsunami Watch in Effect after Massive Earthquake off the Coast of Indonesia


Update: Good news: The latest bulletin from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, as of 13:00 UTC has canceled the tsunami watch. See here fore more details.

An Indian-ocean-wide tsunami watch is in effect after a massive earthquake off the coast of Indonesia. The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 8.7, and the U.S. Geological Survey said it was centered 32 km (20 miles) beneath the ocean floor about 191 km (308 miles) from the provincial capital of Banda Aceh, the westernmost province in Indonesia. Major aftershocks have occurred, some with magnitudes as high as 8.3.

The tsunami watch area is now reduced from the first reports, as the USGS said the earthquake “moved horizontally, not vertically” but initially included Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and parts of the UK. A tsunami watch means there is the potential for a tsunami, not that one is imminent.

The earthquake took place at 08:39 UTC on April 11, at 2.3 degrees north and 93.1 degrees east, off the west coast of Northern Sumatra. Reports from Reuters and AP now say that although measurable, the tsunami “does not look major,” officials said.

The Washington Post reported early after the initial quake that a wave measuring less than 30 inches (80 centimeters) high, rolled to Indonesia’s coast, and first reports said there were no other signs of serious damage. But then an 8.2-magnitude aftershock hit, and another tsunami warning was issued, and people along the western coast of Sumatra island and the Mentawai islands were told to stay clear of coasts.

The latest from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reports these measurements for tsunami wave activity:

——————- —– —— —– ————— —–
TRINCONMALEE LK 8.6N 81.2E 1116Z 0.04M / 0.1FT 18MIN
COCOS ISLAND AU 12.1S 96.9E 1102Z 0.08M / 0.3FT 18MIN
TELUKDALAM ID 0.6N 97.8E 1045Z 0.19M / 0.6FT 10MIN
SABANG ID 5.8N 95.3E 1010Z 0.36M / 1.2FT 06MIN
MEULABOH ID 4.1N 96.1E 1007Z 1.06M / 3.5FT 12MIN
DART 23401 8.9N 88.5E 0956Z 0.03M / 0.1FT 06MIN

We’ll provide more information as it becomes available.

16 Replies to “Tsunami Watch in Effect after Massive Earthquake off the Coast of Indonesia”

  1. There are somehow too many strong earthquakes during last years. There were nearly so many strong earthquakes within last 8 years how it was during whole last 20th cewntury!
    We have cca conjunctrion of Venus with Jupiter in aphelia since begining of March. It would culminate during Venus transit of Sun 6.6.2012? Venus with Jupiter are not relative far away on sky till end of June. Gravity of Venus with Jupiter during transit will cause higher spring tides. It was proved by Chinesse scient. team, based on many years long time records, computations,..Would X-Nibiru be in perihelia at 6.6. too? http://senmut.webs.com/apps/blog/
    Pavel Smutny

    1. Complete BS!

      A Nibiru would be at 3.65, AU from the sun right now. Nothing is out there.

      1. X is depicted on ancient sources, paintings, described like dark body, visible only close at perihelia,..It looks to be litle strange body like mini black hole or neutron star. It doesn’t fit to classical theory about dimensions and masses, but maybe due to these unussual parametres it destroyed also many other previous civil. on Earth,..because they weren’t prooperly warned, it wasn’t visible sufficiently enoug long time before perihelia.

      2. Don’t forget also this gravity pull of Venus in transit of Sun, influence of Jupiter in aphelia on indoor planets,…We know that Venus down conjunctions make pentagram and this was well known by even ancient nations,…They knew that time of Venus transits, of down conjunctions means big weather,….extremes, so it was sign of devil,…you can look at revenus.szm.com, where it is described with more details. This Venus conjunction 6.6.2012 is above Orion,..so it is even worse, because Earth’s axis is orient. in these some thousand years direction Orion,..where is also the strongest outdoor grav. pull going from,..

      3. Blablablabla….

        If you want to claim scientific evidence then at least provide scientific evidence instead of this pseudo crap.

        Your claim is that gravitational pull of our planets causes earth quakes.
        Now give us some numbers in how much tidal forces we are talking about.

        Also explain to us how you could detect outside tidal forces acting on Earth causing earth quakes opposed to internal forces.

  2. An aftershock(?) with a force equal to a major Earthquake. Says something about the magnitude of the initial, Earth-shifting, ocean-floor raising event!

    As one remarked, something extraordinary is going on. You could almost imagine the Planet is angry at how man has born dominion over its realms of life, in land, over sea and on ice. A World once so beautiful and pristine (viewed through history). Now, more like a stained, worn and fading, thread-bare tapestry, it hangs precarious. A life-weave torn here and unraveling there.

  3. “… initially included Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and parts of the UK.” Parts of the UK??? Wow? Greenwich Observatory, I guess.

    1. You are showing tidal effects, and you only show a fragment of a few days. It does show that the Moon and the Sun has an effect, it does not show that Venus have an effect.

      And how are tides connected to earth quakes? Are Earth quakes happening at the same twice a day pattern like the tides?

  4. Yes, planet is angry too. Why? Icbergs melting is enormous, many hils over the world were deplaced by mining, also there are big new holes after Shell, Exon,…in Earth. There is so new distribution of masses in Earth crust and this together with those tidal effects can cause global climate change, strongest earthqukes,…ever in written our history,..

  5. For Olaf2. Moon revolves around Earth, Earth revolves around Sun. Gravitational forces are compensated by centrifugal,…so only cca max.1/60 of Moon gravity is after it tidal force at Sun tidal force it is even much smaller portion. Venus but doesn’t revolve around Earth or vice versa, so mainly during time of down conjunctions, transits, opositions (at Jupiter),…is gravity not so much compensated by centrifugal force. Chinesse scientiests and also my calculations, comparation of charts with levels of spring,..tides showed that gravitational pull of Venus (during down conj.,Venus transits of Sun) is comparable with tidal pull of Sun!!!

  6. Spring tides are 2x per month (29 days), during Full and New Moons and during Venus down conjunction are tidal forces of Moon and of Sun (tidal force from Sun is cca 30 percent of that of Moon) about cca 20 percent higher. It is not too much, but it could be significant at trigering of earthquakes, vulcanos eruptions,,..at forming of heavy storms, super strong winds,…

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