SpaceX’s Elon Musk Talks Space on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

As Jon Stewart from the Daily Show noted (although not quite correctly), four entities have launched rockets into space: the US, China, the Soviet Union (Russia) and Elon Musk. “Well, it wasn’t just me,” Musk replied humbly. Watch the entire interview here of Elon Musk on the Daily Show, where he discusses SpaceX’s upcoming test flight of their unmanned Dragon capsule to the International Space Station, sending humans to Mars, energy problems, and whether he is one of the X-Men.

Part 2 is below:


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  1. “This video is unavailable from your location.” Doesn’t make for exciting viewing. I’m in Vancouver, Canada.

  2. I love this guy. His two goals of space exploration and sustainability are the ones I’d choose if I had a billion bucks lying around to make it happen.

  3. To give full credit: Europe (ESA), Japan (JAXA), India (ISRO), and Israel (ISA) have all launched satellites into orbit.

    1. And a lot of US commercial entities besides SpaceX have launched rockets to orbit or suborbital space.

      Just going from a list of sounding rockets, nations like Australia and New Zealand have launched rockets into space (> 100 km). Sweden regularly launches sounding rockets, IIRC 20/year, into space. Maxus reaches 900 km (!); I dunno if it can be used for orbital insertion though.

  4. The qualifier “and returned it to earth” with regard to the Dragon capsule ( designed for humans, though not yet rated) is what makes the statement accurate. Getting an object into orbit is difficult to be sure. Getting it back down right where you want to is what is so rare.

    1. Still not accurate: at the very least Japan landed a capsule, remember Hayabusa as reported here.

  5. Yes the man has a vision and the list given multi planet human habitation, sustainable energy without pushing C02, and finally Inspiration to a whole generation of youth, to light that fire again is all at level 10+ (scale 1 to 10). we need to get our young ones to see this as the future, god only knows we now seem lost. The fact that he said could not have done it without NASA is great to. Cant wait for the Cots 2&3 mission end of this month. hope we get to watch the launch and coupling at the ISS. to be honest that will shut up a few naysayers here. God Speed Elon. Show the world what we here can still do.

  6. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Elon Musk. this planet needs more people like him!

  7. Thanks for posting that interview Nancy! Elan Musk IS the role model for the ‘new entrepreneur’! That is t0 say, those willing to make a stand with their dreams to make a better world for our children!

    NO FEAR!

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