The Latest Exoplanet News from Kepler

We love exoplanets! And the Kepler mission is giving us more to love. Our special guest on our latest live interview via a Google+ Hangout On Air was astronomer Darin Ragozzine with the Kepler mission, sharing insight how Kepler is blowing our previous concepts on exoplanets out of the water. Darin is an ITC Fellow at the Harvard Institute for Theory and Computation. He studies the theory and dynamics of transiting exoplanets around other stars and Kuiper belt objects in the outer solar system.

2 Replies to “The Latest Exoplanet News from Kepler”

  1. Intresting Interview! What are the chances that the described abundend smal inner plannet systems are just a part of bigger plannet systems if you get more information of the bigger surrounding?

    Great work! Joost

    1. Good question, I hadn’t really thought about it.

      Since I’m not sure Ragozzine will answer here, I’ll give my guess for the time being: the likelihood for adding planets onto smaller systems already candidates/confirmed should be quite good! The larger orbit planets will become candidates later as the team gather statistics. And the statistics for larger orbits are good, Ragozzine said so.

      In fact, IIRC it has already happened once, was it Kepler 16 or so that got some more planets at the third data release!?

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