Documentary: A Look Back at the Apollo Missions

Article written: 14 Dec , 2011
Updated: 12 Jan , 2016

If you’ve got a spare 45 minutes and want to take a look back at the Apollo missions to the Moon, this documentary, ‘Journey To The Moon: The Apollo Story’ is well worth it. The film chronicles the Apollo program from its inception in 1961 through Apollo 11’s successful moon landing to the final mission, Apollo 17, which took place 39 years ago this week. You’ll see original footage (and those simple 1960’s era animations that showed how lunar orbit insertion and rendezvous and docking would work) and hear from the astronauts themselves.

Addendum — Sorry, everyone — I didn’t realize this film doesn’t have any viewing rights outside the US when I posted it. I would recommend what Eric posted below, “When We Left Earth” as a good (and longer!) substitute as a great look back at the Apollo missions.

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18 Responses

  1. morphics says

    Sadly not available outside of the US, which is a shame because it sounds quite interesting.

  2. Paul Freedman says

    same here 🙁

  3. Ironically, I can’t see it either. Stupid region restrictions.

  4. Anonymous says

    Blocked for my region

  5. Anonymous says

    Can not see it in the UK

  6. Joe Guzman says

    This is a neat little film – with limited narrative chatter and long extended film footage.

    Highly recommend.

    Astro Joe

  7. Marcin says

    Oh, well. I was really interested in this film. But unfortunately it’s blocked in my region. 🙁

  8. John Lyder says

    Fraser, this message preventing me seeing the documentary ” A look back at the Apollo Missions” makes me feel like a second class world citizen. Time for the region restrictions to be removed!

  9. Gerardo Lara says

    I’ve found it in other video online services, but they all region-block. not even using proxies… :'(

  10. Anonymous says

    Is there anything more irrelevantly stupid than region restrictions?

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