Weekly Space Hangout – Oct. 24, 2014

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)

Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba)

This Week’s Stories:

POLARBEAR (maybe) detects evidence of inflation
partial solar eclipse
Nichelle Nicols Introduces NASA’s ‘Orion’ in New Video
Erin Gray
MESSENGER Provides First Optical Images of Ice Near Mercury’s North Pole
Cassini “Profoundly Productive”
Formation and large scale confinement of jets emitted by young stars finally elucidated
Scientists Build First Map of Hidden Universe
Inside the Milky Way: One step closer to figuring out the mysteries of our galaxy’s core
Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plane’s Landing in Photos
Stereo Behind Still Out of Commission
China Ready for Thursday Unmanned Sample Return Mission from the Moon
Rollercoaster Science
Big Black Holes Can Block New Stars
Hubble Sees Turquoise-Tinted Plumes in Large Magellanic Cloud
NASA’s Fermi Satellite Finds Hints of Starquakes in Magnetar “Storm”
Two Families of Comets Found Around Nearby Star
Organic Molecules in Titan’s Atmosphere are Intriguingly Skewed
Kepler Mark II is Doing Well
NASA to Launch Soil Moisture Mapper
What Does a Comet Smell Like?
Giant Sunspot AR 2192
Watch: Every Planet and Star in the Known Galaxy Shown in One Video
China Sends a Round Trip Mission to Moon.

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One Reply to “Weekly Space Hangout – Oct. 24, 2014”

  1. At first blush this may not be helpful, but I actually enjoy both formats.

    Perhaps you could stagger hangouts with the larger number of guests/co-hosts with those that have just one. For example: 1st Fri. of the month = one or two guest experts on the big “sujet(s) du mois;” 2nd/4th = everyone who can possibly make it doing the usual run through the sujects; 3rd/5th = one or two of the usual crowd to do a “clean-up”/ad hoc episode dealing with topics which might be getting short shrift, perhaps spending some extra time on subjects which those particular guests are currently working, or have recently had experience with (e.g., the whole story on Ms. Pamela’s kangaroo sightings! ^_^).

    To sum up, I wouldn’t like to see the big groups go away, but I don’t need to see them every week either. I think a mix of formats is probably best.

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