Contest: Get Your Video On The International Space Station

If you’re starting your career, good with a video and love space, here’s your big chance to showcase your work in an exclusive screening location — the International Space Station! A new Lunar and Planetary Institute-led contest is inviting people to send in their videos to talk about how space helps out humanity. More details below the jump.

“Through the international Humans in Space Art Challenge, we invite you to explore ‘How will humans use space science, and technology to benefit humanity?’ and to express your answer creatively in a video three minutes long or less,” reads the description of the challenge.

“Video artwork can be of any style, featuring original animation, sketches, music, live action drama, poetry, dance, Rube Goldberg machines, apps, etc. … Individuals or teams of participants should include one clear reference to the International Space Station in their videos and can use space station footage if desired.”

The contest is open to “college students and early career professionals”, according to the webpage. The due date for the challenge is Nov. 15, 2014. Full requirements and contact information for the contest organizers are available on this page.