India’s First Mars Mission Launches Flawlessly on Historic Journey to the Red Planet

Article written: 5 Nov , 2013
Updated: 23 Dec , 2015

Blastoff of the Indian developed Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on Nov. 5, 2013 from the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota. Credit: ISRO[/caption]

India flawlessly launched its first ever mission to Mars today (Nov. 5) to begin a history making ten month long interplanetary voyage to the Red Planet that’s aimed at studying the Martian atmosphere and searching for methane after achieving orbit.

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) thundered to space atop the nations four stage Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) precisely on time at 14:38 hrs IST (9:08 UTC, 4:08 a.m. EST) from the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota, off India’s east coast.

“Our journey to Mars begins now!” announced an elated ISRO Chairman K. Radhakrishnan at the ISRO spaceport during a live broadcast of MOM’s launch from the mission control center. “We achieved orbit and we can all be proud.”

Flawless liftoff of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on Nov. 5, 2013 from the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota. Credit: ISRO

Flawless liftoff of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on Nov. 5, 2013 from the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota. Credit: ISRO

This was the 25th launch of India’s highly reliable 44 meter (144 foot) tall PSLV booster.

The 700,000 pound thrust PSLV rocket launched in its most powerful, extended XL version with six strap on solid rocket motors.

Launch of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on Nov. 5, 2013 from Sriharikota, India. Credit: ISRO

Launch of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on Nov. 5, 2013 from Sriharikota, India. Credit: ISRO

“I’m extremely happy to announce that the PSLV-C25 vehicle has placed the Mars orbiter spacecraft very precisely into an elliptical orbit around Earth of 247 x 23556 kilometers with an inclination of 19.2 degrees,” Radhakrishnan said, after “much meticulous planning and hard work by everyone.”

ISRO announced that MOM separated from the PSLV 4th stage as planned some 44 minutes after liftoff and that the solar panels successfully deployed.

Confirmation of the 4th stage ignition and spacecraft separation was transmitted by ship-borne terminals aboard a pair of specially dispatched tracking ships – SCI Nalanda and SCI Yamuna – stationed by ISRO in the South Pacific Ocean.

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) streaks to orbit after launch on Nov. 5, 2013.  Credit: ISRO

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) streaks to orbit after launch on Nov. 5, 2013. Credit: ISRO

MOM was designed and developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in near record time after receiving approval from the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in August 2012.

“No mission is beyond our capability”, said Radhakrishnan. “MOM is a huge step taking India beyond Earth’s influence for the first time.”

A series of six burns over the next month will raise the apogee and put MOM on a trajectory for Mars around December 1.

Following a 300 day interplanetary cruise phase, the do or die Mars orbital insertion firing by the main engine on September 24, 2014 will place MOM into an 366 km x 80,000 km elliptical orbit.

If all continues to goes well with MOM, India will join an elite club of four who have launched probes that successfully investigated the Red Planet from orbit or the surface – following the Soviet Union, the United States and the European Space Agency (ESA).

MOM is the first of two new Mars orbiter science probes from Earth blasting off for the Red Planet this November. Half a globe away, NASA’s $671 Million MAVEN orbiter remains on target to launch barely two weeks after MOM on Nov. 18 – from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The 1,350 kilogram (2,980 pound) MOM orbiter is also known as ‘Mangalyaan’ – which in Hindi means ‘Mars craft.’

Graphic shows MOM’s initial orbit around Earth after successful Nov. 5 launch. Credit: ISRO

Graphic shows MOM’s initial orbit around Earth after successful Nov. 5 launch. Credit: ISRO

Although the main objective is a demonstration of technological capabilities, the probe is equipped with five indigenous instruments to conduct meaningful science – including a multi color imager and a methane gas sniffer to study the Red Planet’s atmosphere, morphology, mineralogy and surface features. Methane on Earth originates from both geological and biological sources – and could be a potential marker for the existence of Martian microbes.

MOM’s 15 kg (33 lb) science suite comprises:

MCM: the tri color Mars Color Camera images the planet and its two tiny moons, Phobos and Deimos

LAP: the Lyman Alpha Photometer measures the abundance of hydrogen and deuterium to understand the planets water loss process

TIS: the Thermal Imaging Spectrometer will map surface composition and mineralogy

MENCA: the Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyser is a quadrapole mass spectrometer to analyze atmospheric composition

MSM: the Methane Sensor for Mars measures traces of potential atmospheric methane down to the ppm level.

Scientists will be paying close attention to whether MOM detects any atmospheric methane to compare with measurements from NASA’s Curiosity rover – which found ground level methane to be essentially nonexistent – and Europe’s upcoming 2016 ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter.

MOM and MAVEN will arrive nearly simultaneously in Mars orbit next September – joining Earth’s invasion fleet of five operational orbiters and intrepid surface rovers currently unveiling the mysteries of the Red Planet.

Both MAVEN and MOM’s goal is to study the Martian atmosphere , unlock the mysteries of its current atmosphere and determine how, why and when the atmosphere and liquid water was lost – and how this transformed Mars climate into its cold, desiccated state of today.

Although they were developed independently and have different suites of scientific instruments, the MAVEN and MOM science teams will “work together” to unlock the secrets of Mars atmosphere and climate history, MAVEN’s top scientist told Universe Today.

“We have had some discussions with their science team, and there are some overlapping objectives,” Bruce Jakosky told me. Jakosky is MAVEN’s principal Investigator from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

“At the point where we [MAVEN and MOM] are both in orbit collecting data we do plan to collaborate and work together with the data jointly,” Jakosky said.

The $69 Million ‘Mangalyaan’ mission is expected to continue gathering measurements at the Red Planet for about six to ten months and hopefully much longer.

Stay tuned here for continuing MAVEN and MOM news and my MAVEN launch reports from on site at the Kennedy Space Center press center.

Ken Kremer

It’ s a Mind-Blowing Midnight Marvel !  Fueled PSLV rocket and India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) awaits Nov. 5 blastoff.  Credit: ISRO.  Watch ISRO’s Live  Webcast

It’ s a Mind-Blowing Midnight Marvel ! Fueled PSLV rocket and India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) await Nov. 5 blastoff. Credit: ISRO


Learn more about MAVEN, MOM, Mars rovers, Orion and more at Ken’s upcoming presentations

Nov 14-19: “MAVEN Mars Launch and Curiosity Explores Mars, Orion and NASA’s Future”, Kennedy Space Center Quality Inn, Titusville, FL, 8 PM

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Blastoff of the Indian developed Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on Nov. 5, 2013 from the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota. Credit: ISRO

Blastoff of the Indian developed Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on Nov. 5, 2013 from the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota. Credit: ISRO

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  1. Mark Thomas says

    Good work India!

  2. Vasilakis Kailas says

    Another “competitor” at space race. Well done India. 🙂

  3. Shashank Kumar says

    GO! GO!! GO!!! GO!!!!

  4. The Latinist says

    The more the merrier, I say.

  5. Funk Omen says

    wow…surprised me…speechless!!

  6. Kevin Frushour says

    Godspeed India!

  7. John Rock says

    India – The Birthplace of mathematics (Trigonometry, Calculus, Arithmetic, Decimal system, Geometry, numbers 0 to 9), Science, High philosophies, Metallurgy, Linguistics, Medicine and Surgery

    Incredible India. Thank you for your contribution for the betterment of humanity

  8. Grimbold says

    India can rightly feel proud of this accomplishment. Let’s hope the rest of the mission goes just as smoothly.

  9. Thomas guide says

    Seriously? India ? Wouldn’t that money be better spent removing feces off your streets?

    • Jeet says

      If that is the only idea you have on spending money then you definitely do not have the full picture of India.

      A country cannot spend money only to remove its poverty. It also needs to “invest” money on projects like these that inspire common citizens to choose their career. These moves also have their commercial benefits considering ISRO generally makes profits on contracts awarded to it. If this mission is successful, this is a big publicity for them (after the Chandrayan mission). Moreover, India can be more involved in joint collaborations in space research/exploration with other countries that can improve trade, foreign relations and of course, jobs.

      So you see, a country like India can find better use of $75 mn than to just clean feces off the streets (considering billions get spent for public welfare and subsidies in India). So we can be happy for the progress that India is making.

    • ascha says

      Appreciate you concern. But why you cannot appreciate an accomplishment or is it jealousy of an underdeveloped nation !!!. The cost is less than 1/4th of F-22 jet or less than rafale fighers India is is planning to buy..

    • Khagesh says

      Ooh man ! not again ! not here !

    • harpat says

      It would be better if it was possible. But India has a horrible problem of huge population and no energy resources (except dirty unusable coal). Without energy, it is not easy to pump water for toilets. Until the energy problem is solved, sanitation will be a nightmare. Most people don’t even have water connection. The only way out is develop some high technology so India can export enough to pay for oil. Satellite launching, software technology etc bring some revenue but not enough. The per capita consumption of oil or equivalent is about 3 or 4% of that in developed country. Indian currency is not accepted in world trade like the US dollar is so they cannot run trade deficit to buy oil. The Mars mission will probably help industrial competency which is severely lacking. It might also save billions of dollars of foreign exchange because some defence equipment can be made locally rather than imported because of rocketry knowhow.

      • Santosh says

        My dear friends please wait unitl 2030 the scenario will change. The developed countries too more than hundred years to become “Developed” If you go back to the ancient history India was the most developed country then.. :)) So please give us some more time folks. George Washington became the first President of US in 1789. India got independence only in 1947. US is 158 years ahead of India.. India will take another 15-20 years to reach that level..

    • Vikram Singh says u have any idea about total expenditure on project?….Indians spend 50 times of the cost on Diwali crackers…It was result of meticulous planning and hard work by all the scientist…

    • Mohit Gupta says

      Wouldn’t it be better if your parents used the condoms on that fateful night when your “mini me” completed the journey from your dad’s instrument to your mom’s store. ?

  10. collinnyo145 says

    My Uncle James just got an
    almost new black BMW X4 SUV by working parttime online… my sources

  11. The Pen says

    Nice work India. I hope the probe has a safe journey. Kudos to India.

  12. Thomas guide says

    Space and mars are the absolute last thing India should be wasting money on.

    • Edison A Thomas says

      You creep , again !
      I would like india to waste money on a 75k $ drain to your mouth for your favorite – faeces & piss 😀 LOL

  13. Thomas guide says

    What is there to be jealous of? When you’ve solved all your problems then send as many probes to mars or anywhere else. How does this launch benefit the Indian people?

  14. Thomas guide says

    How does it benefit the Indian people?

    • Watcher Watcher says

      Isnt it a stupid question how technology can benefit people… at least on a technology website? India used space technology in weather forecasting, communications, resource tracking and many other things. ISRO itself makes a profit of $1.2b through its commercial wing by launching satellites. so they have the right to use the money to pursue better technologies. each department has its own priorities. $20b is spent on food security alone in India and a lot of billions on other welfare systems.

    • the one says

      That is what they said when India sent satellite in the 1970… But today more than a 100000 where saved in one of the states from a cyclone stronger than Sandy… Just imagine the loss if the warning was not available. We can say that the amount spent on this was earned by saving those people thereby. saving some financial loss. ISRO earned the amount and has the right to do more research and use it as it likes to use. Imagine 100 years down the line if minerals have to be bought back from Mars. Indian rockets can do it in at the cost that you make a movie..

    • Vikram Singh says

      The widespread joy in India at the launch of the country’s Mars orbiter, Mangalyaan, should not be mistaken for vanity or escapism, however. Patriotic Indians are acutely aware of the rising profile of their country in global economics and geopolitics, alongside other emerging powers belonging to BRICS and similar groups. Every milestone in advanced rocket science, literally a rarefied and sophisticated field that few nations can master, is a shot in the arm for national self-confidence, showing that India is headed for global leadership. When the chips are down, or if there is a national calamity, memories of the Mars orbiter blazing a trail in the sky will sustain the faith that the future belongs to India.

  15. krishna murti says

    Great India GREAT, you are pride of Asia.

  16. AndyLC says

    The Hollywood film Gravity took 100 million dollars to make.
    India’s mission to mars took 75 million dollars to fund.

    … it costs more to make movies about space, than to actually go to mars. Good job India!

    • Thomas guide says

      Yes but Gravity didn’t crash and burn it made the money back and a tidy profit for the company that produced it. What will this mission bring back?

      • bhartiya888 says

        ISRO make around 10 Billion USD profit by launching satellites from other countries. i am sure 60 million USD is just fine for R&D even if it burns dead.

      • Thomas guide says

        That’s nice where did you get that from? Your ass?

      • bhartiya888 says

        check the commercial arms of ISRO called Antrix. it is public limited company and data is available in their financial results.

      • Edison A Thomas says

        @Thomas guide : Seems you dick is still strugglling for threshold to
        get outta epiderm to be something meaningful to this world ! you are
        still inside your world struggling with your intestinal faeces and
        bladder piss ( as you spill over posting here allover 😉 must be a
        jealous terrorist , is it ?

  17. the one says

    To all the people who say why is India wasting Money. Well! that is what they said when India sent satellite in the 1970… But today more than a 100000 people where saved in one of the states from a cyclone stronger than Sandy because of early warning and tracking from india’s satellite program and Just imagine the loss if the warning was not available. We can say! that the amount spent on this was earned by saving those people and from financial loss. ISRO earned the amount and has the right to do more research and use it as it likes. Imagine 100 years down the line if minerals have to be bought back from Mars. Indian rockets can do it in at the cost that someone make a movie..

    • Thomas guide says

      Wow you dream big. What minerals exactly are they going to bring back ? Your argument is silly. Mars is a pipe dream and a giant waste of money. This goes for all countries not just India.

  18. Achintya Biswas says

    India achieves ISRO go on … the nation is with you

  19. Rick says

    Sometimes I have to wonder, what drives people like you to make such asinine comments. I really enjoy reading comments from people who have something to say. It’s comments like yours that turns me off. It’s easy to make off the cuff crude comments but requires a little more thought to provoke interest.

  20. Omegazad says

    Yeah…. Keep telling yourself that

  21. Deepak says

    India,Thank those scientists who set the rocket In position.they were awake until 2.00am to set the rocket in position.

  22. Meridius Maximus Decimus says


  23. Thomas guide says

    And how many people will this mars mission be saving? How many starving people could be fed with $75 million?

    • Grimbold says

      Your idiotic racist reply to me earlier proves that you don’t have anything but contempt for the Indian people, so don’t pretend your “OMG what about the starving people” routine is genuine.

  24. Thomas guide says

    $75 million down the drain. Someone let me know when its scheduled to crash oops I mean arrive. I want to set a reminder so I can come back here and laugh my ass off.

    • Edison A Thomas says

      You dickhead , again !
      I would like india to waste money on a 75k $ drain to your mouth for your favorite – faeces & piss 😀 LOL

  25. Thomas guide says

    Again with the stupid satellite. Why are you guys hung up on that. Geezes man. The satellite had a purpose and it saved lives that’s great. Go ahead and launch a hundred more if it will help save lives. How does measuring methane content in the Martian atmosphere save lives ?

  26. Thomas guide says

    That’s great, next time there is a hurricane on mars we will be prepared for it. Thank you India.

  27. Thomas guide says

    Not sure I follow your logic there. What does that have to do with dropping 75 million down the toilet on a mars mission.

  28. Thomas guide says

    Construct this : How many people would $75 million feed? Your government needs to get it’s priorities in order. Why don’t you guys admit the real truth? You are locked into a dick measuring contest with Pakistan. That is the real purpose of this mission to prove to them that you are better.

    • bhartiya888 says

      $75 million will feed nothing in india…you have no idea about the size of this country. figure this…India has numerous poverty alleviation programs some of them as big as $20 billion of spending.

  29. Thomas guide says

    Sure it will. And when it crashes it will be the laughing stock of the world.

  30. Thomas guide says

    Yes technology can benefit man. But mars missions are done for science and exploration. They do not benefit anyone here on earth except for the few engineers that designed and built it. They get to have indoor plumbing, and the rest of India? They get to watch a rocket fly up to space as they pee in the street.

    • zlop says

      “They do not benefit anyone here on earth” ?
      Developing understanding and capabilities allows for future possibilities — when you exercise, go for a walk, for example.

  31. Arun Singh says

    Those who have goal to pursue, do not care about how many stones are being thrown at.

  32. Thomas guide says

    I don’t think so.

    • Edison A Thomas says

      right , how can think ? does a dick struggling in faeces mixed with piss , have some matter gray ?

  33. Thomas guide says

    Where is the proof? Link please.

    • bhartiya888 says

      how about proof through the words of your ideals. “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made” – Albert Einstein.

      • Edison A Thomas says

        ofcourse , Thomas guide is a trusted news source LOL !

      • Thomas guide says

        The Huffington post is not a credible site for anything other than gossip. You really need to provide better sources.

      • Thomas guide says

        Your claim to fame is inventing the zero? And taking credit for the invention of the radio? And all this from the Huffington Post, wow it must all be true if it’s on the Huffington Post. Wake up pal, the only zero you guys have is your iq and the number of indoor toilets in your country. Get over yourselves and your ethnic pride it must be tough to live in a country whose horrid living conditions make Haiti look like paradise. But you don’t need to fabricate stories of how great your inventors were or how brilliant your people are. If you were so brilliant why did you allow the British to take over your country? You couldn’t figure out some ingenious method to kick them out?

      • bhartiya888 says

        dude seems like you have been raised in some $hithole in pakistan, brainwash by some fanatic so that all logics fall deaf on you ears. you have no idea how things works. India was richest for 1700 of known history which is very long time for you and your ancestors to outlive. now this is the law of nature, when something grows it just cannot keep growing, there is a point where decadence starts within the society and it fall apart. India’s virtue of diversity turns into a disaster. at that point British came and ruled the $hit out of us and turned the country to the poorest. before british came trade through india was 26-27% of the world trade (yes ! check back your encyclopedia) and after 200 years it was bought down to less than 1 percent and UK became a power nation. yes $hit happens but you can not deny the facts and can never never discount a nation re-building itself.

      • Thomas guide says

        You’re all so brilliant and your country was so rich. Why couldn’t you fight them off? Why have someone rule the $hit out of you as you so eloquently put it? How exactly does a Mars mission rebuild anything?

      • bhartiya888 says

        dude.. i am not running an rehab for you !! if you are not able to understand a simple English, its time you join a good rehabilitation program before its too late and world loses a colossal talent like you.

      • Thomas guide says

        I don’t the world will lose me, I’m doing just fine.

      • Thomas guide says

        Why do you keep coming back for more abuse? Do you get some kind of thrill out of me telling you how horrible your country is? Who cares what you have done in the past, it’s irrelevant. It’s all about what are you doing today. The Greeks invented clocks and had brilliant thinkers and what are they doing now? They make yogurt and export olives. The Egyptians were brilliant mathematicians and builders and look at them today. They are mostly a country of buffoons. Just because you made some great accomplishment hundreds or thousands of years ago does not mean that you are so brilliant today. You can’t blame your countries woes on the British.

      • bhartiya888 says

        i keep coming so that people around you should know what bull$hit you talk…endlessly. forget about history dude. talk to NASA they will tell you that even at this stage ISRO can teach them a thing or two.

      • Thomas guide says

        Sure your country is going to teach nasa. I suppose you guys thought of e=mc 2 before Einstein too. Looks like your precious probe’s engine shut down unexpectedly causing it to go off course. Next stop crash into the moon.

      • bhartiya888 says

        who cares…half of NASA early missions to mars were complete failure. you care about NASA much, who told you fools that moon is dead rock for 40 years. that despite their people landing there. and you know what ISRO didn’t even land there to tell you the truth. now that is learning.

      • Thomas guide says

        Let me break out the Champagne India discovered water on Moon. Whoo hoo let’s all celebrate your great achievement. That and the discovery of zero. Just go back to making some good Indian food and leave the space stuff to the big boys huh.

      • Thomas guide says

        “What if the 16,000 scientists and engineers now working on space development were deployed instead to fix rotten sanitation?”

        I would say that’s an excellent idea. Yes other countries have problems but poverty and plumbing are an epidemic in your country. Not so in Britain or in the USA. Like I said there are problems here too, but they are not as severe and The US can afford to spend money on space. It’s quite different for India.

      • bhartiya888 says

        this is what you understood from the whole story…..? you are surely a lunatic

      • John Martin says

        Thomas Guide, are we using your’s father’s money ? Why are you too much bothered ?

      • bhartiya888 says

        it is not the site. it the person who has dig data from different sources. why dont you search these data yourself in wikipedia on these topics

      • Thomas guide says

        Great and if that is true what have you done with it? You cannot even provide basic necessities to your people. Yet you waste money on Mars missions.

      • Sushant says

        I am sure that after reading this link, you can’t deny this fact the NASA work will come to halt if all the Indians (36% of entire workforce at NASA) quit.

        And please, don’t give such logic of comparing toilets with rockets. Yes, we have many issues but that doesn’t mean that we are lagging behind in talent. If our entire IT people stop working you would have no chance to use any of the gadgets that you boast of including the laptop you used for commenting.

        Proud Indian in USA

      • Thomas guide says

        I see it’s all a cover up by the western world, I guess everything was invented in India and the west is taking credit for all of India’s great contributions to the world. Man whatever it is you guys are smoking must be some really good stuff.

      • Thomas guide says

        Again Huffington Post? That’s a gossip and entertainment site. Get some real evidence.

      • bhartiya888 says

        Huffington Post is an entertainment site and you are??

      • Thomas guide says

        Did I claim to be a news organization?

      • bhartiya888 says

        does anybody care what you are…?

      • Thomas guide says

        Of course plenty of people do. Does any body care about your dumb mission to Mars or your dumb people?

    • Mohit Gupta says

      where is the proof that you are not a nazi. ?

    • Trooper says

      I’ll list the proof accordingly in the manner the first poster presented them:

      Birthplace of Mathematics:

      Invention of Zero:
      Elements of the History of Mathematics, Nicolas Bourbaki, Berlin version. 1998.
      Negative Numbers:
      Modern arithmetic was known during medieval times as “Modus Indorum” or method of the Indians. Leonardo of Pisa
      Leonardo of Pisa, aka Fibonacci.
      To put it concisely, the Arabs were pretty much carriers of Indian Algebra.
      Source: Encyclopedia Britannica
      “The logic of non-Western science: mathematical discoveries in medieval India” by David Pingree 2003

      The Chinese pilgrim Fa Hsien (ca. 337–422 AD) wrote about the health care system of the Gupta empire
      (320–550) and described the institutional approach of Indian medicine,
      also visible in the works of Charaka, who mentions a clinic and how it
      should be equipped
      Hoernle, Rudolf August Friedrich (1907). Studies in the Medicine of Ancient India: Part I: Osteology. The Clarendon Press, Oxford.
      Also, various Bower manuscript translations, especially Wujatysk.

      Columbia Chronologies of Asian History and Culture, John Bowman,
      Columbia University press, 2000.

      I have more proof but I personally don’t have the copies of those books so I won’t mention them. But please don’t hesitate to ask if you need further proof on other issues, since these are just very few examples of the things that came from the Indian Sub-continent.

  34. Thomas guide says

    We’ll see, if this probe ever makes it to mars. My money is a big crash landing.

  35. zlop says

    Instead of wasting opportunities on silly controlling movies,
    Think of what is possible on Earth, Mars and beyond.

  36. Edison A Thomas says

    @Thomas guide : Seems you dick is still strugglling for threshold to
    get outta epiderm to be something meaningful to this world ! you are
    still inside your world struggling with your intestinal faeces and
    bladder piss ( as you spill over posting here allover 😉 must be a
    jealous terrorist , is it ?

  37. Edison A Thomas says

    Not really, they are still ages behind the harps and rovers … but agree, not day dreaming. I doubt their heroes could overcome their own politicians 🙂

  38. Edison A Thomas says

    Nothing big achievement, but as for humans, i would support the scientific community. not bad enough …..

  39. Edison A Thomas says

    how does it matter. we dont need to here : sleeping well , others reached far …

  40. Edison A Thomas says

    WTF, you polarized hydra !

  41. Edison A Thomas says

    if this cyclone really did the expected , i wouldnt support this forum or isro mom …

  42. Edison A Thomas says

    You creep , yet again !
    I would bribe indian politicians to waste money on a 7.5k $ drain to your mouth for your favorite – faeces & piss



  43. Thomas guide says

    Lovely and how long can you sustain yourself on faith and memories?

    • zlop says

      Similar to the famines during the historical Empire days,
      United Nations wants cripple the the ability of countries like
      India to progress — Carbon Taxes, Malthusian policies . .. …

      • Thomas guide says

        Nobody is trying to keep anything down. The only thing keeping you down is your government by burning cash on dumb Mars missions.

      • zlop says

        “Nobody is trying to keep anything down.” ?
        By policy, the UNelected Nations are preventing development.
        (search for Agenda 21 — Climate fraud — Banking debt . .. )
        Although India is caught up in it, why criticize a positive event ?

      • Thomas guide says

        I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy in government policy and spending. There are way too many problems that should take precedence over a Mars mission.

      • zlop says

        Appreciate opportunity — Matthew 26:11 “You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me”

      • Thomas guide says

        Please don’t quote nonsense from the bible.

      • zlop says

        Corruption will always exist — “Make hay while the sun shines”

      • Thomas guide says

        It must be nice to go through life clueless.

      • zlop says

        Another Bible Idea — “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin”– until trampled by a cow, or covered by ice in the coming Ice Age.

      • Thomas guide says

        Just shut up dude you’re not helping your people with that religious crap.

      • zlop says

        Similarity between the mind control of the UNelected Malthusian Carbon pollution Gaia worshipers and ancient religions.
        (leaves the Serfs vulnerable to calamities — Lilies trampled, getting hit by a meteorite, Ice Age crop failure famine)

  44. virender Singh says

    good job

  45. virender Singh says

    space exploration requires international cooperation.We should praise all the efforts done by whichever country beyond our religion and borders as one world.

  46. Uday says

    You can also think it the other way. While US wasted 100 million on a space related movie Gravity, India utilized only 75 million for a real Mars mission.

  47. Thomas guide says

    That’s a business that makes money. It’s not the same thing. Your Mars mission is not going to generate a profit for you, it’s a loss. I’m sure the producers of Gravity are pretty happy with the amount of money that film made for them. The money was not wasted, they used it to make more.

    • Uday says

      We are thinking of the long run, if INDIA succeeds, it will generate billions when foreign agencies will outsource their missions to INDIA. Pure business, nothing else. And in business, you have to take risk.

      • Thomas guide says

        Let’s face it the only reason you are doing this is to show Pakistan that your are superior and to show the United States that you can compete. It is not about a business.

      • Uday says

        I have nothing to face. Its business and not to show off any one. Pakistan is our neighbour. We were brothers and sisters before partition. We know what they can and they know what we can. Nothing to show off. And we still take technical technical help from US. But till there are people like you in this world, there will be no space age. It seems you are having hard time to face the truth.

  48. Thomas guide says

    That’s great, now implement those sanitation techniques in the entire country.

  49. Thomas guide says

    All I’m saying is that people in government have their priorities all mixed up. They don’t seem to understand what really matters. Ask someone in the poorest part of your country if they care about Mars. Chances are they don’t, they want to improve their living conditions and and get food on the table. This is what matters to most people. Mars and outer space can wait.

  50. Thomas guide says

    Nonsense! Where is the evidence? And even if that was all true what have you done with that great knowledge? Your country is dirt poor your people live in horrid filth and bathe in lakes and rivers. You have animals roaming your streets like it’s a zoo. Just because a civilization was once great (and I don’t agree that was) that doesn’t mean it is still great today. Take care of your poor first before you launch Mars missions. You invented zero alright that is the sum of your current knowledge.

    • Trooper says

      Lol, I provided nuanced, credible and peer reviewed sources as proof (Synonym for evidence) of the claims the original commenter made. Which is what you had asked for. Or atleast I had hoped it was such a genuine intellectual inquiry.

      The onus of looking up those sources in detail falls upon you, not me.

      But then again, I took another look at your other comments in this section and I realize … you’re just another mildly amusing troll.

      I could provide you detailed achievements (with proof) of the Indian people, post British Raj, I could give you ample examples of various Indians in every field including Science, Technology, Art, Medicine, etc etc.
      But then, it wouldn’t matter would it…you’re not here for an intellectual debate, you’re not here for the Science, you’re not here for facts.

      You’re here just to troll, which is fine as well. I’ll just take it as another reminder of work we still have left to do.

      But that’s the thing though. We’ll do it our way. And our way involves creation of jobs more than throwing money at people. I know it won’t matter to you that we’re the only nation that is on track to relieving the 2015 UNO goals regarding poverty…But it is in this manner we’ll solve our problems. By creating a sustainable situation. That includes parallel development in Science and Technology. And this mission is just another stepping stone in that direction.

      Lol, I remember they said the same things you’re saying when we were creating a 25 Million $ Optic fiber network in the country. We now have a ~10 Billion $ IT industry which helped raise 200 million people from depths of Poverty…

      So, cheers for the reminder mate..

  51. Thomas guide says

    Ending the space age would be a good thing for all countries. It’s a giant waste of money. There’s nothing up there.

  52. Thomas guide says

    You bore me peasant.

  53. Proud American says

    @[Thomas guide] – from reading thru all of your insulting, derogatory and condescending posts… in summary, go get your brains checked out – you have a problem. I’m gonna tell you something and don’t fuckin bother having a dialog by replying – let’s keep the shit simple. I am simply not going to respond to your 3rd grade educated, very sparingly used grey-matter.

    i’m a PROUD American of Indian origin; I hold a fantastic education, a fantastic job. You on the other hand, are a stupid and have no logic up above your pelvis let alone in your brain. Here’s the thing, you have huge mental development problems. So, i will pause there and have you read this, “Matthew 7:3”

    As a developed human being, one does many things in parallel. We deal w/ problems, we make advancements in our achievements, we juggle many things in the air. One is not contingent upon completing the other task. Get it, “Parallel tasks”. Of course in your case, you’re stuck in your numb-skull shit-hole – which is where you belong. Don’t be a bully and degrade USA w/ your stupid, non-intelligent protozoan one-working-cell. Not all Americans are like you, we are proud of what we stand for as Americans and majority of us do. You surely are a complete misfit.

    What India has done here w/ this mission is a major development. Did you know ISRO was one of the oldest space organizations. Did you know majority of NASA scientists have indian origins. Don’t ask me for proof, go fuckin search it for yourself if you have any brain cells left that are working. Intelligence does not have to justify itself or prove itself. You on the other hand got a lot of work to do and you have proven your low level of IQ and intolerable mockery of this advancement w/ your poor brain development.

    don’t degrade MY proud USA w/ your stupid comments. You should have embraced development, embraced multi-culture, and the passion for innovation, invention, discovery.

    Albeit, w/ your stupidity, your comments have relentlessly attempted to impose racist insults. So shut the fuck up and go back to your rat-hole; and again, don’t bother commenting – all of your comments were and remain worthless and don’t add any value to this intellectual conversation. You’re a fool and certain things can’t be explained to fools like you. You are disgracing the Americans w/ your poor brain adaptation to the global culture (recall, the “world is flat” – of course you don’t) and ill-educated commentary and misrepresenting the ideals of the USA. You clearly have no idea of “the American ideals” – t’was very evident in your posts history.

    Proud Americans set a strong standard and the love for all human kind. I’m a proud American and I believe what India has accomplished is a huge milestone in the history of space – *whether they’re successful at it or not is not the point here*. But, the attempt to go bigger is worth the attention and praise.

    …while “@Thomas guide” can go fuck himself in his drudgery and plodding w/ disgrace.

  54. Thomas guide says

    That’s funny haha, except for there is no life on Mars for a reason. And you’re going to somehow recreate the conditions on Earth over there. Good luck with that plan.

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