Join the Golden Spike Video Contest

If you’ve been following Golden Spike Company, you know that the company is planning to launch commercial Lunar exploration missions by 2020.

Last month, Golden Spike announced their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to help generate public interest in their mission. So far people from around the world have contributed to the Golden Spike Indiegogo campaign.

Today, Golden Spike has announced a video submission contest for their supporters. Keep reading to learn how you can participate!

The video competition is open to anyone who contributes to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at:

To enter, simply submit your video on why you believe Lunar exploration is important. Golden Spike will accept entries for the first round of the competition until Friday, March 15. All appropriate videos will be uploaded to the Golden Spike Youtube Channel where the public can vote for their favorite via the comments section. The prize for the first round of videos is a lunar rover model (at left).

Email your video submission to: [email protected]

Learn more about Golden Spike Company at:

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  1. the TRUE story of the “””Google””” LunarX Prize …

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