Space Station

Take a Flight Over a Massive Aurora

by Jason Major August 25, 2014

Post by Alexander Gerst. Or perhaps I should say “eine grosse Aurora!” ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst made this time-lapse of a “massive aurora” as seen from the Space Station on August 24. The entire video is beautiful, showing not just a view of the ghostly green aurora but also plenty of stars, airglow, the graceful rotation of […]

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What Are These Mysterious Green Lights Photographed From the Space Station?

by Jason Major August 18, 2014

“Bangkok is the bright city. The green lights outside the city? No idea…” This was the description accompanying the photo above, perplexingly Tweeted by Expedition 40/41 astronaut Reid Wiseman on Aug. 18, 2014. And while we’ve all seen fascinating photos of our planet shared by ISS crew members over the years this one is quite interesting, to say the […]

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Space Station’s Veggies Are “Grow” to Launch

by Jason Major May 19, 2014

In what could become the world’s first orbiting salad bar, NASA’s Veggie experiment was initiated on May 8 after a successful (if slightly delayed) launch to the Space Station on Friday, April 18 aboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule. In development for several years, the LED-powered plant growth experiment is finally getting the chance to put down its roots. Jason Major on […]

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R2-D2 Saves Space Station Crew for Star Wars Day

by Nancy Atkinson May 2, 2014

May the 4th is almost here, and NASA had to call on R2-D2 to help make sure the space station astronauts could wish all of us a happy Star Wars Day. Nancy Atkinson on Google+

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NASA: International Space Station Operations Extended to 2024

by Nancy Atkinson January 8, 2014

NASA announced today that the Obama administration has approved NASA’s request for an extension of operations for the International Space Station for an additional four years to 2024. This means work on board the orbiting laboratory will continue at least for another decade. “I think this is a tremendous announcement for us here in the […]

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