How Do You Stop A Spacecraft Microbe From Attacking Mars?

by Elizabeth Howell January 29, 2014

When you have a Mars mission that is designed to search for life or life-friendly environments, it would be several shades of awkward if something biological was discovered — and it ended up being an Earth microbe that clung on for the ride. Beyond that, there’s the worry that an Earth microbe could contaminate the planet’s […]

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Where Will ExoMars Land? Proposals Invited For Future Mars Rover And Lander

by Elizabeth Howell December 18, 2013

Scientists, start your engines. The next few weeks will see a flurry of proposals come for the European Space Agency’s first rover mission on the Red Planet in 2018. The ExoMars mission will see a lander and rover touch Mars, and what’s neat about this particular mission is the rover has a drill on board […]

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India’s First Mars Probe ‘MOM’ Blasts Free of Earth Joining MAVEN in Race to Red Planet

by Ken Kremer December 1, 2013

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – India’s first ever Mars probe ‘MOM’ successfully fired its main engine today (Dec. 1), blasting the craft free of the Earth’s sphere of influence forever to begin her nearly yearlong momentous voyage to the Red Planet. Indian space engineers initiated the 440 Newton liquid fueled engine firing precisely as planned at […]

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Final Construction Starts for Europe’s 2016 Methane Sniffing Mars Mission

by Ken Kremer June 18, 2013

Has life ever existed on Mars? Or anywhere beyond Earth? Answering that question is one of the most profound scientific inquiries of our time. Europe and Russia have teamed up for a bold venture named ExoMars that’s set to blast off in search of Martian life in about two and a half years. Determining if […]

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ESA, Roscosmos Move Ahead with Plans for ExoMars Mission

by Nancy Atkinson November 20, 2012

Artist concept of an ExoMars rover. Credit: ESA After NASA was forced to back out of the joint ExoMars mission with the European Space Agency due to budget constraints, it looked like the exciting rover-orbiter mission might not happen. However, ESA went elsewhere looking for help, and has now announced a tentative cooperative arrangement with […]

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