white dwarfs

White Dwarfs are Often Polluted With Heavier Elements. Now We Know Why

When stars exhaust their hydrogen fuel at the end of their main sequence phase, they undergo core collapse and shed…

1 month ago

White Dwarfs Could Support Life. So Where are All Their Planets?

Astronomers have found plenty of white dwarf stars surrounded by debris disks. Those disks are the remains of planets destroyed…

8 months ago

This Brown Dwarf is 2,000 Degrees Hotter Than the Sun

Astronomers have discovered an intense binary star system located about 1,400 light years away. It contains a brown dwarf with…

10 months ago

A Brown Dwarf is Getting Hit With So Much Radiation it's Hotter Than the Sun

Astronomers have found a brown dwarf companion to a white dwarf star with a day-side temperature of around 8,000 kelvin…

1 year ago

Binary Stars Live Complicated Lives, Especially Near the End

We know what will happen to our Sun. It'll follow the same path other stars of its ilk follow. It'll…

2 years ago

A New Kind of Stellar Explosion Has Been Discovered: Micronovae

The most energetic explosions in the Universe come from stars called supernovae. These galactic bombs have the energy of about…

2 years ago

You can Tell how big a Black Hole is by how it Eats

Astronomers can determine the size of a black hole by the way it consumes nearby matter.

3 years ago

A Nearby White Dwarf Might be About to Collapse Into a Neutron Star

A white dwarf star has been found that's more massive than our Sun, but about the same size as our…

3 years ago

Our Part of the Galaxy is Packed with Binary Stars

Binary star systems are everywhere. They make up a huge percentage of all known solar systems: from what we can…

3 years ago

Much of the Lithium Here on Earth Came from Exploding White Dwarf Stars

The Big Bang produced the Universe's hydrogen, helium, and a little lithium. Since then, it's been up to stars (for…

4 years ago