neutron star

The Neutron Star That Thinks It’s a Black Hole

Black holes and neutron stars are among the odder denizens of the cosmic zoo. They're both dense collections of matter…

3 weeks ago

Astronomers Go Hunting for Mysterious Q-balls

Our universe may feature large, macroscopic clumps of dark matter, known as q-balls. These q-balls would be absolutely invisible, but…

4 weeks ago

Some Elements Arrived on Earth by Surfing Supernova Shock Waves

When stars die, they spread the elements they've created in their cores out to space. But, other objects and processes…

1 month ago

Magnetars are Extreme in Every Way, Even Their Volcanoes

In a recent study published in Nature Astronomy, an international team of researchers led by NASA and The George Washington…

1 month ago

Astronomers use Earthquakes to Understand Glitches on Neutron Stars

A team of astronomers have used a model of earthquakes to understand glitches in the timing of pulsars. Their results…

2 months ago

Colliding Neutron Stars can Generate Long Gamma-ray Bursts

Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) are the most energetic recurring events in the Universe. Only the Big Bang was more energetic, and…

4 months ago

New Observations Confirm That a Magnetar has a Solid Surface and No Atmosphere

Can a star have a solid surface? It might sound counterintuitive. But human intuition is a response to our evolution…

4 months ago

The Smallest, Lightest Neutron Star Ever Seen Could be a “Strange Star”

A neutron star lighter than the Sun could be a strange matter star.

5 months ago

Astronomers Were Fortunate Enough to Catch a Neutron Star Merging With Another Star

A team of astronomers have followed the evolution of a short duration gamma ray burst, one of the most intense…

8 months ago

The Heaviest Neutron Star Ever Seen Got There by Feasting on its Companion

Life's not too good if you're the companion of a black widow. Here on Earth, spiders by that name feast…

8 months ago