White dwarf

Did this Supernova Explode Twice?

All supernovae are exploding stars. But the nature of a supernova explosion varies quite a bit. One type, named Type…

4 weeks ago

One Side of This White Dwarf is Covered in Hydrogen While the Other Side is Helium.

Here's a new one. Astronomers have found a white dwarf star - the dead remnant from a main sequence star…

2 months ago

A White Dwarf is Starting to Crystallize into Diamond

White dwarfs are the stellar remnants of stars like our Sun. They're strange objects, and astrophysicists think their cores can…

3 months ago

A White Dwarf is Surrounded by Torn-up Pieces of its Inner Planets and its Kuiper Belt

What will happen to our Sun? In several billion years, it'll cease fusion, shrivel into a white dwarf, and emanate…

10 months ago

Astronomers Spot the Debris From Planets That Formed 10 Billion Years ago

Astronomers find the remnants of ancient planetary systems, and a glimpse of our fate.

11 months ago

A Dying Star’s Last Act was to Destroy all Its Planets

When white dwarfs go wild, their planets suffer through the resulting chaos. The evidence shows up later in and around…

1 year ago

Astronomers Finally Catch a Nova Detonating on a White Dwarf as it's Happening

On July 7, 2020, the X-ray instrument eROSITA captured an astronomical event that – until then – had only been…

1 year ago

If There are Dyson Spheres Around White Dwarfs, We Should be Able to Detect Them

Searching for Dyson spheres, rings, or swarms remains a preoccupation of many astronomers.  If there are any out there, they…

1 year ago

A New Kind of Stellar Explosion Has Been Discovered: Micronovae

The most energetic explosions in the Universe come from stars called supernovae. These galactic bombs have the energy of about…

1 year ago

Planet Found in the Habitable Zone of a White Dwarf

Most stars will end their lives as white dwarfs. White dwarfs are the remnant cores of once-luminous stars like our…

2 years ago