A Flock of CubeSats Will Use Wings to Maneuver at the Edge of Space

CubeSats are taking on more and more responsibility for remote monitoring of the Earth. As they become more ubiquitous, they…

10 months ago

A Private Mission to Scan the Cloud Tops of Venus for Evidence of Life

The search for life on Venus has a fascinating history. Carl Sagan famously and sarcastically said there were obviously dinosaurs…

2 years ago

Vega Might Have a Planet

Vega is one of the brightest and best known stars in the night (or even twilight) sky.  Located in the…

3 years ago

A Balloon Mission that Could Try to Confirm Life On Venus

So, Venus might have life! But how do we find out for sure?! We need to GO there. (more…)

4 years ago

Astronomers are Tracking the Interstellar Asteroid ‘Oumuamua to its Home System

An international team of astronomers have used data from the Gaia satellite to backtrack 'Oumuamua to one of four star…

6 years ago

The Big Dipper in the Year 92,000

Using a handy time machine, we zoom into the future to get a sneak peek at the sky to come.

8 years ago

What Are The Most Famous Stars?

While there are untold billions of celestial objects visible in the nighttime sky, some of them are better known than…

9 years ago

New Plans for ESA’s Experimental Re-entry Vehicle

[/caption] ESA and Arianespace have signed a contract planning the launch of ESA’s new IXV (Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle) on Europe’s…

13 years ago

SETI to Resume Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence; Will Target Kepler Data

After being shut down for over six months due to financial problems, The Allen Telescope Array (ATA) is once again…

13 years ago