Van Allen Belts

An Astronomical First! A Radiation Belt Seen Outside the Solar System

For the first time, a team of astronomers has imaged the radiation belt of an object from beyond the Solar…

1 year ago

Space Weather Forecasts can now give Satellites One Whole Day of Warning when a Killer Solar Storm is Inbound

Earth's fleet of satellites is in a vulnerable position. When solar activity increases, high-energy particles are directed toward Earth. Our…

5 years ago

We Might Have a New Way to Push Back Space Radiation

A new study has revealed how human activity has been affected the near-space environment, creating a bubble that protects against…

7 years ago

Huge Plasma Tsunamis Hitting Earth Explains Third Van Allen Belt

A transient third Van Allen belt was first observed in 2013, and new research explains how it was formed.

8 years ago

Could We Live on Jupiter?

When humans finally travel into space, where will we live? Will we ever be able to colonize gas giants like…

9 years ago

NASA’s Van Allen Probes Spot Impenetrable Radiation Barrier in Space

It's a well-known fact that Earth's ozone layer protects us from a great deal of the Sun's ultra-violet radiation. Were…

10 years ago

Twin NASA Probes Find “Zebra Stripes” in Earth’s Radiation Belt

Earth's inner radiation belt displays a curiously zebra-esque striped pattern, according to the latest findings from NASA's twin Van Allen…

10 years ago

Speedy Particles Whip At Nearly The Speed Of Light In Earth’s Radiation Belts

The radiation-heavy Van Allen Belts around Earth contain particles that can move at almost the speed of light across vast…

11 years ago

Surprising Third Radiation Belt Found Around Earth

In September of 2012, scientists with the newly launched Van Allen Probes got permission to turn on one of their…

11 years ago

Radiation Belt Mission Renamed to Honor James Van Allen

The recently launched Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) mission, which is studying the Van Allen radiation belts, has now been…

12 years ago