super-Earth planets

TESS Finds Eight More Super-Earths

NASA's Kepler spacecraft has discovered most of the confirmed exoplanets that we know of. But its successor, TESS (Transiting Exoplanet…

7 months ago

Liquid Water on Rocky Planets Could be 100 Times More Likely

Astronomers previously believed that you needed a special environment for a rocky planet to have liquid oceans on its surface,…

11 months ago

What Would Happen if the Solar System Gained a Super-Earth?

In this era of exoplanet discovery, astronomers have found over 5,000 confirmed exoplanets, with thousands more awaiting confirmation and many…

1 year ago

This Hellish Planet Orbits its Star Every 18 Hours. How Did it Get There?

Astronomers discovered 55 Cancri e in 2004. That was five years before NASA's Kepler planet-hunting spacecraft was launched, and exoplanet…

2 years ago

The Case of the “Missing Exoplanets”

A team of astronomers with the CLEVER Planets project have developed a model that may explain the mystery of the…

2 years ago

TESS Finds a Super-Earth and two Mini-Neptunes in a Single System

A recent study based on TESS data has revealed a three-planet system (two mini-Neptunes and a Super-Earth) just over 200…

2 years ago

Two New Rocky Planets Discovered Close to the Solar System

TESS has struck paydirt again. NASA's planet-hunting spacecraft has found two new super-Earths orbiting a star only 33 light-years away.…

2 years ago

What’s it Like Inside a Super-Earth?

We know a ton about the inside of Earth. We know it has both an inner core and an outer…

2 years ago

Rocky Planets Might Need to be the Right age to Support Life

In a new study, a team of Earth scientists shows how scientists could look for signs of a carbon-silicate cycle…

3 years ago

Astronomers Look at Super-Earths That had Their Atmospheres Stripped Away by Their Stars

A new study examines two rocky exoplanets (TOI-1634b and TOI-1685b) that appear to have been stripped of their atmospheres.

3 years ago