Spirit Rover

“Good Night Oppy” Beautifully Illustrates the Unbreakable Bond Between Humans and our Robotic Explorers

In January 2004, NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity (aka “Oppy”) landed in two completely different locations on Mars. Their missions…

1 year ago

When Should Robots Take Risks Exploring Other Worlds?

Researchers from the CMU's Robotic Institute have developed a new method that allows rovers to autonomously weigh risk against the…

2 years ago

NASA Senior Engineer Kobie Boykins talks About Exploring Mars. And I was There to See it!

I recently had the honor of attending a Nat Geo Live talk hosted by Kobie Boykins. As NASA JPL's chief…

5 years ago

A Powerful Dust Storm Has Darkened the Skies Over Opportunity on Mars

A massive Martian dust storm has settled in over the Opportunity rover's location in the Perseverance Valley, which could pose…

6 years ago

Outstanding Opportunity Rover Making ‘Amazing New Discoveries’ 13 Years After Mars Touchdown – Scientist Tells UT

NASA’s truly outstanding Opportunity rover continues “making new discoveries about ancient Mars” as she commemorates 13 Years since bouncing to…

7 years ago

Is There Life on Mars?

You know what would be exciting? Finding life on Mars. What is the best evidence we’ve seen for life on…

7 years ago

What is the Mars Curse?

If you’re going to send a spacecraft to Mars, you’ve got to know that place has an insatiable hunger for…

8 years ago

Opportunity Blazes Through 4500 Sunsets on Mars and Gullies are Yet to Come!

The longest living Martian rover ever - Opportunity - has just surpassed another unfathomable milestone - 4500 Sols (or days)…

8 years ago

What Does Earth Look like from Mars?

Earth has been photographed multiple times from Mars, both from orbit (by orbital missions) and from the surface (rover missions).

8 years ago

Peculiar ‘Cauliflower Rocks’ May Hold Clues To Ancient Mars Life

An Arizona State University research team hypothesizes that strange "cauliflower-shaped" rocks discovered by the Spirit Rover in 2008 may have…

8 years ago