Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Is the Milky Way… Normal?

Studying the large-scale structure of our galaxy isn’t easy. We don’t have a clear view of the Milky Way's shape…

2 years ago

Advanced Civilizations Could be Using Dyson Spheres to Collect Energy From Black Holes. Here’s how we Could Detect Them

Black holes are more than just massive objects that swallow everything around them - they’re also one of the universe’s…

3 years ago

The Largest Rotating Objects in the Universe: Galactic Filaments Hundreds of Millions of Light-Years Long

We've known for a while about the large-scale structure of the Universe. Galaxies reside in filaments hundreds of millions of…

3 years ago

The Average Temperature of the Universe has Been Getting Hotter and Hotter

A recent study by an international team of scientists shows that the Universe is getting hotter (not cooler) with time!

4 years ago

Take a Flight Through the Most Detailed 3D Map of the Universe Ever Made

Once I accidentally took a photo of one of the most important stars in the Universe... Andromeda Galaxy imaged at…

4 years ago

Ancient Impacts Shaped the Structure of the Milky Way

According to a new study using data from the SDSS, ripples in the Milky Way's disk may be indications of…

7 years ago

Astronomers Find a Rogue Supermassive Black Hole, Kicked out by a Galactic Collision

A new study by a research team from the Max Planck Institute may have found a black hole that was…

7 years ago

Confirmed: We Really are ‘Star Stuff’

Scientist Carl Sagan said many times that “we are star stuff,” from the nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in…

8 years ago

Either Stars are Strange, or There Are 234 Aliens Trying to Contact Us

Astronomers have found 234 stars that are acting suspiciously like signals sent by extra-terrestrials.

8 years ago

What Are Cosmic Voids?

We talked about the biggest structures in the Universe, but what about the opposite? The biggest empty spaces in the…

8 years ago