Telescopes Didn’t Always Play Nicely with Each Other. That’s About to Change

Those readers who have dabbled with astronomical imaging will be familiar with the technique of taking multiple images and then…

2 weeks ago

Next Generation Space Telescopes Could Use Deformable Mirrors to Image Earth-Sized Worlds

NASA and its commercial partners are working on deformable mirrors (DM) that will allow next-generation telescopes to directly observe exoplanets.

2 weeks ago

The First Color Pictures From Euclid

Many a space enthusiast first became interested in the topic when they saw some astounding picture taken by one of…

3 weeks ago

There are Ideal Orbits for Space-Based Interferometers

Ever since the telescope was invented in 1608, astronomers have striven for bigger and better telescopes. When it comes to…

3 weeks ago

Vera Rubin Observatory Could Find Up to 70 Interstellar Objects a Year

Astronomers have discovered two known interstellar objects (ISO), ‘Oumuamua and 21/Borisov. But there could be thousands of these objects passing…

1 month ago

Compare Images of a Galaxy Seen by Both Hubble and JWST

The James Webb Space Telescope is widely considered to be better than the Hubble Space Telescope. But the JWST doesn't…

2 months ago

How Can We Bring Down the Costs of Large Space Telescopes?

We're all basking in the success of the James Webb Space Telescope. It's fulfilling its promise as our most powerful…

3 months ago

Planning is Underway for NASA’s Next Big Flagship Space Telescope

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has only been operational for just over a year, but this isn’t stopping the…

3 months ago

Should the Next Big Observatories Be Built on the Moon?

As the next round of giant observatories nears completion, astronomers are starting to ponder what comes next. One exciting location…

3 months ago

Thin Flat Lenses Could Unleash a Revolution in Space Telescopes

Space telescopes use traditional polished mirrors like ground telescopes, which are heavy, unwieldy, and expensive to build. A new type…

5 months ago