NASA Takes Six Advanced Tech Concepts to Phase II

It's that time again. NIAC (NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts) has announced six concepts that will receive funding and proceed to…

3 weeks ago

Ultrablack Coating Could Be Ideal for Telescopes

If you, like me, have dabbled with telescope making you will know what a fickle friend light can be. On…

2 months ago

The LIFE Telescope Passed its First Test: It Detected Biosignatures on Earth.

We know that there are thousands of exoplanets out there, with many millions more waiting to be discovered. But the…

3 months ago

What Kinds of Astronomy Could Be Done With a Telescope on the Moon?

For decades, astronomers have said that one of the most optimal places to build large telescopes is on the surface…

3 months ago

The Extremely Large Telescope’s Dome is on the Move

Construction of the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) reached a milestone, with the structure of the dome completed just enough where…

4 months ago

Review: Unistellar’s eQuinox 2 Telescope and New Smart Solar Filter

I recently had the chance to try out one of Unistellar’s smart telescopes, the eQuinox 2. Unparalleled in its ease…

5 months ago

Telescopes Didn’t Always Play Nicely with Each Other. That’s About to Change

Those readers who have dabbled with astronomical imaging will be familiar with the technique of taking multiple images and then…

6 months ago

Next Generation Space Telescopes Could Use Deformable Mirrors to Image Earth-Sized Worlds

NASA and its commercial partners are working on deformable mirrors (DM) that will allow next-generation telescopes to directly observe exoplanets.

6 months ago

The First Color Pictures From Euclid

Many a space enthusiast first became interested in the topic when they saw some astounding picture taken by one of…

6 months ago

There are Ideal Orbits for Space-Based Interferometers

Ever since the telescope was invented in 1608, astronomers have striven for bigger and better telescopes. When it comes to…

6 months ago