Schiaparelli lander

This is the Spot Where ESA’s Schiaparelli Crashed Into Mars

The MRO's HiRISE camera recently snapped fresh images of where the ESA's Schiaparelli lander crashed on the surface of Mars…

4 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – November 25, 2016: Dean Regas and his “Facts from Space”

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guest: Dean Regas has been the Astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory since 2000. He is…

7 years ago

Schiaparelli’s One Second Of Terror

Investigators have made progress into determining the cause of the Schiaparelli accident, which appears to be due to a temporary…

7 years ago

Best Photos Yet of the Mars Lander’s Demise

New photos from NASA's Mars orbiter reveal the Schiaparelli lander crash in finer detail.

7 years ago

What is the Mars Curse?

If you’re going to send a spacecraft to Mars, you’ve got to know that place has an insatiable hunger for…

7 years ago

Schiaparelli is Gone. Smashed on the surface of Mars

It appears that Europe's Schiaparelli Mars lander crashed-landed on the planet's surface and may have exploded.

8 years ago

Watch Live: ExoMars Arrival and Landing

After a seven month flight, ESA's ExoMars mission arrives at the Red Planet today, October 19. You can watch live…

8 years ago

Bold Euro-Russian Expedition Blasts Free of Earth En Route to Mars in Search of Life’s Indicators

The cooperative Euro-Russian ExoMars 2016 expedition is now en route to the Red Planet after successfully firing its upper stage…

8 years ago

Countdown Begins for Blastoff of ExoMars 2016 Spacecraft on March 14 – Watch Live

The countdown has begun for blastoff of the ambitious European/Russian ExoMars 2016 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on…

8 years ago

ExoMars 2016 Spacecraft Encapsulated for Red Planet Launch in One Week

Final launch preparations are now in full swing for the ambitious European/Russian ExoMars 2016 spacecraft which has been encapsulated inside…

8 years ago