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Asteroid Mining is Getting Closer to Reality. Planetary Resources Arkyd-6 Satellite Just Launched

With the deployment of the Arkyd-6 spacecraft, Planetary Resources just took a major step towards making asteroid mining a reality

6 years ago

Can We Own Space? Buying Your Own Piece of the High Frontier

Owning land here on Earth is nice and legal. But what about a plot of land on the Moon or…

7 years ago

How Private Space Companies Make Money Exploring The Final Frontier

TORONTO, CANADA - There's a big difference in thinking between governments and the private companies that participate in space. While…

10 years ago

If You Mine An Asteroid, Who Does The Property Belong To?

There have been several proposals in recent months to visit asteroids -- NASA is talking about sending astronauts to an…

10 years ago

Could Asteroids Solve The Fuel Problem In Space? Planetary Resources Video

While we as a community love exploring space, we also recognize it can be expensive. Launch costs, manufacturing and keeping…

10 years ago

Arkyd Telescope Reaches $1M Goal, But Still Looking For Planet-Hunting Funds

With more than $1 million in crowdfunded money secured for a public asteroid-hunting space telescope, the ultimate question arises: what…

11 years ago

NASA’s Sci-Fi Vision: Robots Could Help Humanity Mine Asteroids

In a few generations of robotics, we'll see mighty machines able to fully construct themselves and operate from the surface…

11 years ago

Bringing Space to the Masses: Q&A with Planetary Resources’ Chris Lewicki

Chris Lewicki is the President and Chief Engineer for one of the most pioneering and audacious companies in the world…

11 years ago

Planetary Resources Looks to Crowdfund a Space Telescope for the Public

How much would you donate to have access to a space telescope … or just to have an orbital "selfie"?…

11 years ago

How Planetary Resource’s Asteroid Search Could Help Find Exoplanets

Planetary Resources is the private company that wants to eventually mine asteroids for profit. But initially, the group will focus…

12 years ago