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Planetary protection

A NASA Panel Says We Don’t Need to be so Careful About Infecting Other Worlds

It's time to update the rules. That's the conclusion of a panel that examined NASA's rules for planetary protection. It…

2 months ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 514: Planetary Protection Protocols

As we send rovers and landers to other worlds, we have to think about the tiny microbial astronauts we're sending…

11 months ago

Seeding the Milky Way with Life Using Genesis Missions

Claudius Gros, the founder of Project Genesis, makes the case that when it comes to extrasolar planets, the rules of…

11 months ago

How Do You Stop A Spacecraft Microbe From Attacking Mars?

When you have a Mars mission that is designed to search for life or life-friendly environments, it would be several…

6 years ago

Curiosity and the Issue of Planetary Protection

Curiosity at Centre of Attention During Testing Image Credit: NASA /JPL - Caltech There have been many reports about the…

8 years ago