Planck Observatory

A Totally new View of the Large Magellanic Cloud (and more!) From Retired Telescopes

ESA and NASA dusted off some old data from four retired space telescopes and combined forces to reveal new images…

2 years ago

Black Hole-Neutron Star Collisions Could Finally Settle the Different Measurements Over the Expansion Rate of the Universe

If you've been following developments in astronomy over the last few years, you may have heard about the so-called "crisis…

3 years ago

The Average Temperature of the Universe has Been Getting Hotter and Hotter

A recent study by an international team of scientists shows that the Universe is getting hotter (not cooler) with time!

4 years ago

The Corona Australis Molecular Cloud. Normally this Looks Like a Dark Blob in the Sky. But in Infrared, it Looks Like This.

The Corona Australis is a constellation in the southern hemisphere. It's name literally means "southern crown." One of its features…

4 years ago

New observations from the Planck mission don’t resolve anomalies like the CMB “cold spot”

A new analysis of Planck mission data has provided no new insights into the anomalies it detected, leaving the door…

5 years ago

Who was Max Planck?

Max Planck was one of the most renowned physicists of his time, and is considered one of the greatest minds…

7 years ago

ESO Survey Shows Dark Matter to be Pretty “Smooth”

A new study produced by an international team of researchers shows that Dark Matter may be more smoothly distributed than…

7 years ago

Turns Out There Is No Actual Looking Up

A recent study by a team of researchers from University College London has shown that there really is no such…

8 years ago

Big Bang Theory: Evolution of Our Universe

The Big Bang Theory explains how the Universe has evolved over last 13.8 billion years, starting from a singularity to…

8 years ago

How We’ve ‘Morphed’ From “Starry Night” to Planck’s View of the BICEP2 Field

From the vantage point of a window in an insane asylum, Vincent van Gogh painted one of the most noted…

9 years ago