National Radio Astronomy Observatory

SETI Researchers can now Scan all Data at the Very Large Array for any Evidence of Alien Transmissions

The Very Large Array (VLA) will monitor space 24/7 for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, thanks to a new partnership between…

5 months ago

If We Receive a Message From Aliens, Should We Delete it Without Reading it?

A new study considers how messages from extra-terrestrial civilizations could pose an existential threat, and what humanity should do about…

5 years ago

Mysterious Filament is Stretching Down Towards the Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole

Looking to the center of our galaxy, astronomers noted the presence of a mysterious filament extending from the supermassive black…

5 years ago

Somebody Get This Supermassive Black Hole A Towel

Two galaxies collide, and one super-massive black hole is stripped almost naked of stars.

6 years ago

Hydrogen Clouds Discovered Between Andromeda And Triangulum Galaxies

Score another point for the National Science Foundation's Green Bank Telescope (GBT) at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in…

9 years ago