How Can Astronauts Maintain Their Bodies With Minimal Equipment?

Decades of research aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and other spacecraft in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) have shown that…

2 days ago

Ariane 6 Fires its Engines, Simulating a Flight to Space

The ESA recently conducted a test fire of its next-generation Ariane 6 rocket, a dress rehearsal for its first test…

2 weeks ago

NASA is Getting the Plutonium it Needs for Future Missions

The Department of Energy just delivered a shipment plutonium that NASA will turn into radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) for future…

2 weeks ago

Plants Could Grow in Lunar Regolith Using Bacteria

A team of Chinese researchers has shown how fertility can be boosted for plants grown in lunar soil.

3 weeks ago

Japan Tests Robotic Earth-Moving Equipment in a Simulated Lunar Jobsite

JAXA has partnered with the Kajima Corporation to develop autonomous construction technology to build on the Moon!

3 weeks ago

Balloon Animals and Bouncy Castles on the Moon. The Case for Inflatable Habitats

NASA's 2024 BIG Ideas Challenge is seeking innovative ideas for building inflatable habitats on the lunar surface!

1 month ago

China Set Up a Tiny Farm on the Moon in 2019. How Did it Do?

China's Chang'e-4 mission grew the first plants on the Moon, and the results of the experiment could lead to lunar…

1 month ago

China Showcases its Lunar Exploration Plans

In a recent bootlegged video, China provided a detailed look at their plans for the future of lunar exploration.

1 month ago

Lunar Astronauts Will Need Easy Walking Trails Around the Moon's South Pole

An international team of scientists used topographical data of the Moon's southern polar region to determine the optimal routes for…

1 month ago

Astronomers are Working to Put a Radio Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon by 2025

Technicians at Berkeley Lab are building an experiment that will conduct radio astronomy on the far side of the Moon…

2 months ago