South Korea’s Danuri Mission Sends Home Pictures of the Earth and Moon

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) both ended 2022 and started 2023 on a very high note as its first-ever…

3 days ago

NASA has Simulated a Tiny Part of the Moon Here on Earth

Before going to the Moon, the Apollo astronauts trained at various sites on Earth that best approximated the lunar surface,…

4 days ago

Study Shows How Cells Could Help Artemis Astronauts Exercise

New research aims to ensure astronauts' health by mimicking the human body's response to exercise.

1 week ago

Want to Build Structures on the Moon? Just Blast the Regolith With Microwaves

Microwaves are useful for more than just heating up leftovers. They can also make landing pads on other worlds -…

1 month ago

The Solar Wind is Creating Water on the Surface of the Moon

Water on the Moon has been a hot topic in the research world lately. Since its first unambiguous discovery back…

1 month ago

Power on the Moon. What Will it Take to Survive the Lunar Night?

NASA recently hosted a series of workshops on how nuclear power could enable long-duration missions to the Moon, Mars, and…

1 month ago

Watch a NASA Supercut of the Entire Artemis I Mission, From Launch to Landing

In case you missed any of the 25-day flight of Artemis 1, NASA has compiled a 25-minute highlight reel that…

2 months ago

In Case you Missed it, Here are Some Amazing Pictures of Mars Hiding Behind the Moon

Last week gave us a celestial triple header, all in one night. The Moon was full and Mars was at…

2 months ago

We Could Simulate Living in Lunar Lava Tubes in Caves on Earth

Simulation is key to space exploration. Scientists and engineers test as many scenarios as possible before subjecting their projects to…

2 months ago

Japanese Billionaire Reveals His Round-the-Moon Crew

Four years after announcing that he'd lead an around-the-moon mission aboard SpaceX's Starship spacecraft, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has named…

2 months ago