International Space Station

A Soyuz Capsule on ISS is Leaking Coolant Into Space

There is an ongoing incident at the International Space Station involving a coolant leak from a docked Soyuz MS-22 crew…

2 months ago

Can Plants be Adapted to Thrive in Space?

Humans in space have to eat. In the early days of space exploration, they got to eat paste and drink…

3 months ago

The International Space Station Gets a Clean Bill of Health. Despite a Few Opportunistic Microbes, the Station is “Safe” for Astronauts

In a recent study published in Microbiome, a team of researchers led by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory conducted a five-year…

3 months ago

Socks, The Final Frontier

What is the greatest challenge facing humans as we prepare for the first crewed missions to Mars? Solar and cosmic…

5 months ago

Spacewalk Cut Short, Cosmonaut Told to “Drop Everything” and Go Back Into the Space Station

Russian and US flight controllers decided to cut short a spacewalk by two cosmonauts outside the International Space Station yesterday…

5 months ago

NASA Astronaut Nicole Aunapu Mann will be the First Indigenous Woman in Space!

Nicole Aunapu Mann, the mission commander of the Crew-5 mission, will be the first Indigenous woman to go to space!

6 months ago

Japanese Researchers Show how Microgravity Affects Astronauts’ Muscles and Nerves

A new study by a Japanese research team shows that long term exposure to microgravity not only affect muscles and…

6 months ago

Dmitry Rogozin is no Longer the Head of Roscosmos

According to recent reports, the inflammatary and blusterous Dimtry Rogozin has been replaced as head of Roscosmos.

6 months ago

Engineers Build a gun That can Fire Projectiles at 10 km/s, Simulating High-Speed Space Debris Impacts

A team of Canadian engineers have built a gun that will help space agencies test materials that could provide shielding…

7 months ago

ESA is Developing Microbe-Killing Coatings to Make Spaceflight Healthier

Humans aren’t the only living things in place onboard the ISS. Bacteria, which has found a way to integrate itself…

8 months ago