International Space Station

Could Aging Wine Become The First Major Space Manufacturing Business?

In capitalist societies, resources are primarily directed at solving problems, and one of the biggest hurdles facing space development is…

2 months ago

Good News! Astronauts are Drinking Almost all of Their Own Urine

Thanks to a new subsystem, called the Brine Processor Assembly (BPA) astronauts aboard the ISS can now recover most of…

3 months ago

Thierry Legault’s Stunning Views of the Space Station (with spacewalking astronauts) Crossing in Front of Sunspots

He’s done it again, outdoing even his own incredible work. Over the years, we’ve written many articles to share the…

4 months ago

Airbus Designs a Space Station With Artificial Gravity

Airbus just shard its design for the Airbus LOOP, a Multi-Purpose Orbital Module that could be used in future space…

5 months ago

What Can Be Done to Help Astronaut Vision in Space?

A new study by a team of Australian researchers has led to a non-invasive way to test astronauts for changes…

6 months ago

Leaky Soyuz Capsule Returns to Earth

Roscosmos has safely returned the uncrewed Soyuz M-22 spacecraft to Earth, which suffered a coolant leak in December 2022.

6 months ago

Another Russian Spacecraft is Leaking Coolant

A Russian spacecraft docked with the ISS has reportedly suffered a coolant link for the second time in just a…

8 months ago

A Soyuz Capsule on ISS is Leaking Coolant Into Space

There is an ongoing incident at the International Space Station involving a coolant leak from a docked Soyuz MS-22 crew…

10 months ago

Can Plants be Adapted to Thrive in Space?

Humans in space have to eat. In the early days of space exploration, they got to eat paste and drink…

11 months ago

The International Space Station Gets a Clean Bill of Health. Despite a Few Opportunistic Microbes, the Station is “Safe” for Astronauts

In a recent study published in Microbiome, a team of researchers led by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory conducted a five-year…

11 months ago