Mars One

Mars One Merges With Mobile Payment Company In Odd Restructuring

Space exploration oddball Mars One has announced a merger with a Swiss mobile payment company called InFin AG.

8 years ago

These are the 40 Who Might Die on Mars

200,000 people applied to be one-way colonists to Mars. Now they're being whittled down to 40.

8 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – March 20, 2015: Lee Billings’ Five Billion Years of Solitude

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guest: Author Lee Billings, discussing his book "Five Billion Years of Solitude"(@LeeBillings /

9 years ago

How Can Mars Sometimes Be Warmer Than Earth?

Remember a few weeks ago when the weather on Mars was making the news? At the time, parts of the…

9 years ago

Mars One Readies For Robotic Red Planet Mission In 2018

While the world's attention last year was focused on Mars One's audacious plan to send people on a one-way trip…

9 years ago

Mars One Dustup: Founder Says Mission Won’t Fail As MIT Study Predicts

How possible is it to land humans on Mars? And can Mars One, the organization proposing to start with sending…

10 years ago

Wanna Trip To Space? To Raise Money, Mars One Is Offering A Lynx Joyride

Private trips to space are pricey, but from time to time contests come up that offer even those of modest…

10 years ago

Mars One Soliciting Your Research Ideas for 2018 Robotic Red Planet Lander

Would you like to send your great idea for a research experiment to Mars and are searching for a method…

10 years ago

Who Wants A One-Way Trip To Mars? Meet Three People Applying For Mars One

If you were to find yourself on the Red Planet, what would you do when you get there? Those who…

10 years ago

Mars One Proposes First Privately Funded Robotic Mars Missions – 2018 Lander & Orbiter

The Mars One non-profit foundation that aims to establish a permanent human settlement on the Red Planet in the mid-2020’s…

11 years ago