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How Much Carbon Dioxide Snow Falls Every Winter on Mars?

New research hows how changes in the size of the Martian polar ice caps are associated with annual changes in…

1 year ago

What Does Earth Look like from Mars?

Earth has been photographed multiple times from Mars, both from orbit (by orbital missions) and from the surface (rover missions).

6 years ago

How Many Moons Does Mars Have?

Many of the planets in our Solar System have a system of moons. But among the rocky planets that make…

7 years ago

Nobody Knows What These Mysterious Plumes are on Mars

In March 2012, amateur astronomers began observing unusual clouds or plumes along the western limb of the red planet Mars.…

8 years ago

Weather Forecasting on Mars Likely to be Trickier Than on Earth

Predicting the weather here on Earth is never an easy thing, but predicting it on Mars may be ever trickier.…

8 years ago

For Valentine’s Day, Enjoy These Hearts On Earth, Mars And Other Places

A Valentine from Earth. — Karen L. Nyberg (@AstroKarenN) February 14, 2014 While we're unsure about the status of…

9 years ago

From Mars with Love on Valentines Day

[/caption] Happy Valentine’s Day from Mars to all the readers of Universe Today ! Well it’s truly a solar system…

12 years ago

Carbon Dioxide — Not Water — Creating Gullies on Mars, New Study Says

[/caption] Intriguing images of brand new, fresh gullies on Mars has most of us thinking of one thing: water. But…

12 years ago

Mars Methane Gets Even More Mysterious

Mars’ atmosphere consists of 95% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, 1.6% argon, and contains small amounts of oxygen and water, as…

12 years ago

New Theory Says Phobos Formed From Re-Accretion of Impact Debris

[/caption] Most theories on the formation of Phobos and its sister moon of Mars, Deimos, hold that the two moons…

12 years ago