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Now that Many Countries Have the Ability to Destroy Satellites, the US is Figuring Out Ways to Make Them More Armored

With all the advances made in anti-satellite technology, Sandia National Laboratories is seeking partnerships to develop satellites that can defend…

3 months ago

AI Could Help the Europa Clipper Mission Make New Discoveries!

A team of NASA scientists recently developed a series of machine learning algorithms that could help the Europa Clipper find…

5 months ago

Scientists are Using Artificial Intelligence to See Inside Stars Using Sound Waves

How in the world could you possibly look inside a star? You could break out the scalpels and other tools…

1 year ago

Facial Recognition Deep Learning Software is Surprisingly Good at Identifying Galaxies Too

An international team of astronomers recently used deep learning to identify patterns in images of galaxies taken by the Hubble…

2 years ago