Journey to Mars

NASA and HeroX Want to Convert Waste in Space and Monitor Air-Quality Here on Earth

NASA and HeroX just launched two exciting incentive competitions to address the challenges of astronaut waste during missions to Mars…

1 week ago

Orion Capsule Passes Key Launch Abort Test. Next Stop: The Moon!

NASA recently conducted their second test of the Orion's Abort Launch System (ALS), bringing them one step closer to returning…

3 years ago

NASA Report Outlines How it Will Go Back to the Moon, to Mars, and Beyond in a Sustainable Way

NASA recently released its National Space Exploration Campaign Report, detailing a sustainable plan to return to the Moon and go…

3 years ago

NASA Moving Ahead with Deployment of Orion Capsule and Space Launch System

NASA recently concluded a critical review of the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System, and is on track to…

4 years ago

NASA Undeterred by the Threat of Space Radiation

According to a recent statement by members of NASA's Human Research Program, the threat of radiation will not stop the…

4 years ago

VP Mike Pence Lays Out Administration’s Plan to go Back to the Moon

At the inaugural meeting of the newly-reestablished National Space Council, VP Mike Pence laid out the administration's plan for renewed…

4 years ago

Settle the Moon Before Mars, Says Astronaut Chris Hadfield

In a recent interview, former astronaut and science communicator Chris Hadfield advocating settling the Moon before going to Mars.

4 years ago

Need a Job? NASA is Looking for a New Planetary Protection Officer

NASA recently announced that it is looking for a new Planetary Protection Officer, a position which is growing in importance,…

4 years ago

Ready to Leave Low Earth Orbit? Prototype Construction Begins for a Deep Space Habitat

As part of NASA's NextSTEP-2 program, Lockheed Martin was recently awarded a Phase II contract to continue work on their…

5 years ago

Elon Musk Details His Vision for a Human Civilization on Mars

Musk has published an essay that outlines his vision for colonizing Mars, which he unveiled last year at the 67th…

5 years ago