Janice Voss

Cygnus Commercial Cargo Ship ‘Janice Voss’ Finishes Resupply Mission and Departs Space Station

The Cygnus commercial cargo ship ‘Janice Voss’ built by Orbital Sciences finished it’s month-long resupply mission and bid farewell to…

10 years ago

Cygnus Commercial Resupply Ship ‘Janice Voss’ Berths to Space Station on 45th Apollo 11 Anniversary

Following a nearly three day journey, an Orbital Sciences Corp. Cygnus commercial cargo freighter carrying a ton and a half…

10 years ago

Requiem For Astronaut Janice Voss

[/caption] Please take the time to respectfully recognize the passing of veteran astronaut, Janice Voss. She was a former science…

12 years ago