The Closest Black Holes to Earth are Probably Hidden in This Nearby Star Cluster

The Hyades cluster is the closest open star cluster to Earth, located at a distance of about 150 light-years. Although…

6 months ago

Occultation Palooza: The Moon Covers Aldebaran and More

The Moon occults Aldebaran tonight, crosses the Hyades star cluster and more.

7 years ago

See a Wonderful Aldebaran Occultation with a Spectacular Twist

Set your alarm for Friday morning at dawn when the crescent Moon will either cover up, barely miss or pass…

8 years ago

Watch the Moon Beat a Path Across the Hyades Tonight

Watch the Moon as it crosses the Hyades star cluster tonite, and occults the bright star Aldebaran for observers in…

8 years ago

Luna vs. the Hyades! The 1st of 13 Occultations of Aldebaran Set For January 29th

The cosmos is continually in motion. Be it atoms, stars or snowflakes from the latest nor’easter pounding the New England…

9 years ago

Observing Alert: Watch the Moon Cross the Hyades This Week

A photogenic grouping greets evening sky watchers this week providing a fine teaser leading up to a spectacular eclipse. On…

10 years ago

Hubble Observes Planet-“Polluted” Dead Stars In Hyades

For those of us who practice amateur astronomy, we're very familiar with the 150 light-year distant Hyades star cluster -…

11 years ago

Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: November 12-18, 2012

Greetings, fellow SkyWatchers! While we might have to contend with the Moon again, it's still going to be a very…

11 years ago