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HiRISE camera

There’s the Curiosity Rover, On the Move, Seen from Space

If the Curiosity rover was paranoid, would it feel like it was being watched? Well, it is being watched, by…

3 months ago

This is a Dust Devil… on Mars

We live in a time when our spacecraft orbiting Mars at an altitude of about 300 km. can snap photos…

11 months ago

Curiosity Captured from Orbit Crossing Landing Ellipse Boundary – Martian Scenery from Above and Below

NASA has now released a breathtaking high resolution image of the rover Curiosity captured from Mars orbit coincidentally coinciding with…

6 years ago

Amazing Sharper View of MSL Hanging by its Parachute

I have to steal a phrase from Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, who earlier this week said something like, "Things…

7 years ago

HiRISE Camera to Attempt Imaging Curiosity’s Descent to Mars

[/caption] Note: This article was updated on Aug. 3 with additional information. The HiRISE camera crew on the Mars Reconnaissance…

7 years ago