NASA 2024 NIAC Program Selects Deep-Space Hibernation Technology for Development

In the next fifteen years, NASA, China, and SpaceX will make the next great leap in space exploration by sending…

4 months ago

Could Astronauts Hibernate on Long Space Voyages?

The ESA is investigating hibernation technology that could allow astronauts to remain healthy during long-duration missions to Mars and beyond

2 years ago

If Astronauts Hibernated on Long Journeys, They’d Need Smaller Spacecraft

There's a disturbing lack of hibernation in our space-faring plans. In movies and books, astronauts pop in and out of…

5 years ago

Pros and Cons of Various Methods of Interstellar Travel

A new study by a UK scientists takes a look at the different means of interstellar travel, and considers the…

6 years ago

Is Human Hibernation Possible? Going to Sleep for Long Duration Spaceflight

We know trips in space will take a long time. Can we go to sleep for the journey and then…

7 years ago

Wake Up, Pluto Spacecraft! New Horizons Emerges From Nap Next Month

It's not quite the cryogenic sleep featured in Interstellar, but all the same, NASA's New Horizons probe has spent most…

10 years ago

NASA Investigating Deep-Space Hibernation Technology

Manned missions to deep space present numerous challenges. In addition to the sheer amount of food, water and air necessary…

10 years ago

New Horizons Wakes Up for the Summer

While┬ámany kids in the U.S. are starting┬átheir school summer vacations, New Horizons is about to get back to work! Speeding…

10 years ago