If Planet 9 is out There, Here's Where to Look

A study of Kuiper belt objects points strongly to the existence of a super-Earth on the outer edge of our…

5 months ago

Fantastic Visualization Shows What Would Happen if you Dropped a Ball Across the Solar System

Summertime means it’s time to play ball! But what would it be like to play ball on various locations across…

6 months ago

A new Approach Could Tease out the Connection Between Gravity and Quantum Mechanics

A proposed experiment using super-cooled atoms could reveal the nature of quantum gravity.

11 months ago

Magnetic Fields Help Shape the Formation of New Planets

In all of scientific modeling, the models attempting to replicate planetary and solar system formation are some of the most…

11 months ago

Health Issues From Spaceflight Might Originate in the Mitochondria

An analysis of all the data we have on the effects of microgravity has indicated that the problem could have…

1 year ago

Weekly Space Hangout: September 30, 2020, Dr. John Kiss Discusses the Growth of Plants in Space This week, we welcome Dr. John Kiss from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro (UNCG). Tonight, Dr. Kiss will…

1 year ago

Gravity is tested down to a scale smaller than the thickness of a human hair

Gravity was the first force of nature to be realized, and in the centuries since we first cracked the code…

2 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 503: Gravity Mapping

The Earth looks like a perfect sphere, but down here on the surface we see that there are mountains, rivers,…

3 years ago

Stars Orbiting Supermassive Black Hole Show Einstein was Right Again!

A team of European astronomers accurately measured the orbit of a star around the supermassive black hole at the center…

4 years ago

Mouse Sperm Went to Space and Produced Healthy Mice

A team of Japanese researchers were able to fertilize mice embryos and produce a healthy litter of mice using frozen…

5 years ago