Gravitational Lensing

An Epic Collaboration Between Hubble and JWST

Hubble and Webb have come together to create one of the most detailed and revealing images of an iconic galaxy…

4 weeks ago

Civilizations Could Use Gravitational Lenses to Transmit Power From Star to Star

A new paper shows how gravitational lenses could be used to beam power from one star system to another.

1 month ago

The Most Distant Galactic Field Lines Ever Seen

Galaxies are surrounded by magnetic field lines, spanning tens of thousands of light-years. These magnetic fields have previously been measured…

3 months ago

A New Way to Measure the Expansion Rate of the Universe: Redshift Drift

Almost all the galaxies in the Universe are speeding away from us because of the Big Bang and the acceleration…

4 months ago

A Gamma Ray Burst Lasted So Long it Triggered a Satellite Twice

amma-ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the Universe, briefly outshining all the stars in their galaxy combined. They…

4 months ago

Gravitational Waves Can Be Gravitationally Lensed, and This Could Provide Another Way to Measure the Expansion of the Universe

Astronomers can never have enough ways to measure the expansion in the Universe, from nearby stars to distant quasars. A…

5 months ago

Astronomers See the Same Supernova Four Times Thanks to a Gravitational Lens

Thanks to a well-placed gravitational lens, a team of astronomers was able to observe a supernova four times!

6 months ago

Astronomers Have a New Way to Measure the Expansion of the Universe

A new method of measuring cosmic expansion uses multiple observations of a supernova in a lensed galaxy.

7 months ago

Gravitational Lensing is Helping to Nail Down Dark Matter

Using gravitational lenses, a team of astronomers showed how axions could be the particle that makes up Dark Matter.

7 months ago

Gravitational Waves From Pulsars Could Be Used to Probe the Interior of the Sun

Gravitational waves from known pulsars might be used to probe the interior of the Sun.

7 months ago