Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Wave Observatories Could Search for Warp Drive Signatures

A new study shows how gravitational wave observatories could be used to search for technosignatures throughout the galaxy

1 month ago

Black Holes Shouldn’t be Able to Merge, but Dozens of Mergers Have Been Detected. How Do They Do It?

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of some globular clusters? Astronomers using a collection of gravitational wave observatories found…

2 months ago

Hubble Examines the Wreckage From the 2017 Kilonova

A team of astrophysicists examined the site of the 2017 kilonova explosion and observed a rapidly-spinning disk and relativistic jets.

3 months ago

Shortly Before They Collided, two Black Holes Tangled Spacetime up Into Knots

An international team led from Cardiff University has confirmed that black hole binaries experience precession.

3 months ago

Gravitational Waves Will Give Astronomers a new way to Look Inside Neutron Stars

Astronomers can use gravitational wave data to study the interiors of neutron stars, thanks to new gravitational wave models.

5 months ago

Gravitational Waves Near a Neutron Star Could Generate Photons

In addition to their intense magnetic fields and copious output of x-ray radiation, neutron stars might have one more trick…

6 months ago

A Black Hole can Tear a Neutron Star Apart in Less Than 2 Seconds

An international team has simulated what happens when a black hole and neutron star merge, and the results were pretty

6 months ago

LISA has Passed a key Review Phase, it’s Time to Actually Design the Final Mission

Any project manager will tell you that a phased review project system is the way to go.  Whether or not…

8 months ago

Astronomers Could Detect Gravitational Waves by Tracking the Moon's Orbit Around the Earth

Detecting gravitational waves by observing the Moon's motion could help solve one of the greatest mysteries in cosmology.

10 months ago

The Expanding Debris Cloud From the Kilonova Tells the Story of What Happens When Neutron Stars Collide

When two neutron stars collide, it creates a kilonova. The event causes both gravitational waves and emissions of electromagnetic energy.…

11 months ago