Gravitational Waves

After Three Years of Upgrades, LIGO is Fully Operational Again

Have you noticed a lack of gravitational wave announcements the past couple of years? Well, now it is time to…

1 week ago

The Earth's Magnetosphere Could be Used as a Gravitational Wave Observatory

The magnetospheres of Earth and Jupiter might be used to observe high-frequency gravitational waves.

3 weeks ago

LISA Will Be a Remarkable Gravitational-Wave Observatory. But There’s a Way to Make it 100 Times More Powerful

A team of researchers with the ESA propose an upgrade for the LISA mission (LISAMax), which could revolutionize gravitational wave…

4 weeks ago

Gravitational Waves From Pulsars Could Be Used to Probe the Interior of the Sun

Gravitational waves from known pulsars might be used to probe the interior of the Sun.

1 month ago

Physicists Discover that Gravity Can Create Light

Researchers have discovered that in the exotic conditions of the early universe, waves of gravity may have shaken space-time so…

2 months ago

Gravitational Waves From Colliding Neutron Stars Matched to a Fast Radio Burst

A recent study by an Australian-American team has provided compelling evidence that FRBs may be caused by merging neutron stars.

2 months ago

Soon We’ll Detect Extreme Objects Producing Gravitational Waves Continuously

The cosmic zoo contains objects so bizarre and extreme that they generate gravitational waves. Scorpius X-1 is part of that…

4 months ago

Gravitational Wave Observatories Could Search for Warp Drive Signatures

A new study shows how gravitational wave observatories could be used to search for technosignatures throughout the galaxy

6 months ago

Black Holes Shouldn’t be Able to Merge, but Dozens of Mergers Have Been Detected. How Do They Do It?

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of some globular clusters? Astronomers using a collection of gravitational wave observatories found…

6 months ago

Hubble Examines the Wreckage From the 2017 Kilonova

A team of astrophysicists examined the site of the 2017 kilonova explosion and observed a rapidly-spinning disk and relativistic jets.

8 months ago