Goldstone Radar

How Long is a Day on Venus? We Finally Know the Exact Answer

Using the radio-echo timing technique, a team of researchers have precisely measured the length of a day on Venus

6 months ago

Surprise! Earth Passing Asteroid 1998 QE2 Has a Moon

Late yesterday, NASA turned the 230-foot (70-meter) Deep Space Network antenna at Goldstone, California towards Asteroid 1998 QE2 as it…

8 years ago

NASA’s KaBOOM Experimental Asteroid Radar Aims to Thwart Earth’s Kaboom

Over the past month, about a half dozen rather large asteroids have careened nearby our home planet and in one…

9 years ago

Asteroid Toutatis Tumbles in New Video from NASA

NASA has compiled the radar images taken of Asteroid Toutatis during its flyby of Earth this week to create a…

9 years ago