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A Distant Asteroid Collision Gave Earthly Biodiversity An Ancient Boost

About 466 million years ago, there was an asteroid collision in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The collision…

2 months ago

The Moon is Older Than Scientists Thought

The most comprehensive and widely-held theory of how the Moon formed is called the 'giant impact hypothesis.' That hypothesis shows…

4 months ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 522: Judging Age & Origins, part 1 – Earth Rocks

People always want to know how old everything is. And more specifically, they want to know how we know how…

8 months ago

Strange Landscapes on Mars were Created by Explosive Volcanoes

According to a new study from Johns Hopkins University, Mars' Medusa Fossae region was created by volcanic activity, a finding…

1 year ago

Early Earth Was Almost Entirely Underwater, With Just A Few Islands

Ancient grains of the mineral zircon help researchers paint a picture of Earth in the Hadean Eon, and that picture…

3 years ago

Earth Just Got A New Continent

Data collected over decades proves that Earth has another continent: Zealandia.

3 years ago

Meteorite Confirms 2 Billion Years of Volcanic Activity on Mars

A Martian meteorite that landed in Africa in 2012 has confirmed that Martian volcanic activity lasted 3 billion years or…

3 years ago

What is a Butte?

The geological feature known as a "butte" (French for "small hill") is quite common to Earth, and planets like Mars…

3 years ago

What is the Difference Between Active and Dormant Volcanoes?

Whether a volcano is active or dormant is complicated, as these geological features can have very long lifespans that go…

3 years ago

470 Million Year Old Meteorite Discovered In Swedish Quarry

A fossilized meteorite from a quarry in Sweden is a new type of space rock that's different from other meteors.

3 years ago