Extraterrestrial Life

A Star’s Outburst is Releasing Organic Molecules Trapped in the ice Around it

A new study by an international team of astronomers has discovered the presence of organic molecules in the disk of…

2 years ago

Are There Enough Chemicals on Icy Worlds to Support Life?

A new study by researchers from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics indicates that the chemicals necessary for life as…

2 years ago

How Badly Will Humanity Freak Out if We Discover Alien Life?

Scientists at Arizona State University wanted to find out what peoples' reactions would be to the announcement of the discovery…

3 years ago

The Mars Project! Von Braun’s Ideas for a Mars Mission. Collaboration with Vintage Space

In a special two part episode, Fraser collaborates with space historian Amy Shira Teitel at Vintage Space to investigate what…

4 years ago

Do Stars Move? Tracking Their Movements Across the Sky

The stars look static in the sky, but are they moving? How fast, and how do we know? What events…

4 years ago

Now, Witness The Power Of This Fully Operational Radio Telescope!

Construction has just finished on the Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), the world's largest single-aperture telescope

4 years ago

Is There a Kraken in Kraken Mare? What Kind of Life Would We Find on Titan?

Could there be life on Saturn’s large moon Titan? Asking the question forces astrobiologists and chemists to think carefully and…

5 years ago

What are the Galilean Moons?

It's no accident that Jupiter shares its name with the king of the gods. In addition to being the largest…

5 years ago

Defining Life II: Metabolism and Evolution as clues to Extraterrestrial Life

In the movie "Avatar", we could tell at a glance that the alien moon Pandora was teeming with alien life.…

6 years ago

Defining Life I: What are Astrobiologists Looking For?

How can astrobiologists find extraterrestrial life? In everyday life, we usually don’t have any problem telling that a dog or…

6 years ago