Dust Storms on Mars

Dust Storms on Mars Continue to Make the Planet Drier

Combining data from three Mars orbiter missions, a team of scientists have found undeniably proof that regional dust storms are…

9 months ago

Dust Particles in the Martian Atmosphere can Create Static Electricity, but not Enough to Endanger the Rovers

Lightning is one of the most powerful forces in nature.  Up to 1 billion volts of electricity can flow into…

1 year ago

A Combined Map of Almost 15,000 Dust Storms on Mars

Data in the world of astronomy is spread out in so many different places.  There are archives for instruments on…

1 year ago

When Martian Storms Really Get Going, they Create Towers of Dust 80 Kilometers High

When a huge dust storm on Mars—like the one in 2018—reaches its full power, it can turn into a globe-bestriding…

2 years ago

The Global Dust Storm that Ended Opportunity Helped Teach us how Mars Lost its Water

The enduring, and maybe endearing, mystery around Mars is what happened to its water? We can say with near-certainty now,…

3 years ago

This is the Final Photograph from Opportunity

Sad. But beautiful. NASA has shared Opportunity's final photograph from the surface of Mars. The rover's final resting place is…

3 years ago

Still no Word from Opportunity

Could this be the end of the Opportunity rover? There's been no signal from the rover since last summer, when…

3 years ago

A Tiny Motor on Curiosity was one of the First Instruments to Notice the Global Martian Dust Storm

A tiny actuator on a sample arm on the Curiosity rover gave the first indication that a storm on the…

4 years ago

How Far is Mars from the Sun?

Mars is not only further from the Sun than Earth, but has an eccentric orbit that leads to a great…

6 years ago

HiRISE Captures Curiosity on the Naukluft Plateau

Orbital images of Mars can provide useful information on the changing nature of the Martian surface. And eye candy too!

6 years ago