The Light Sail is Working… It’s Working!

Good news from The Planetary Society: LightSail 2's solar sail is functioning as intended. After launching on June 25th, then…

3 years ago

One of the Most Exciting Parts of InSight is Actually the Tiny Cubesats Tagging Along for the Ride and Their Role in the Mission

A very important, but perhaps overlooked, aspect of the InSight mission was the first-ever deployment of CubeSats (MarCO) to deep…

4 years ago

A Japanese Company is About to Test a Tiny Space Elevator… in Space

A team of Japanese engineers recently constructed a scale-model of a space elevator, which will be sent to the ISS…

4 years ago

Spinning Heat Shield Concept Could Provide a Lightweight Way to Survive Atmospheric Re-entry

A team from the University of Manchester recently tested their prototype for a spinning heat shield, a lightweight, compact design…

4 years ago

Look at This Adorable Pen-Sized Booster, Perfect for Tiny Satellites

The Fenix propulsion system, a pen-sized thruster designed by Italian tech company D-Orbit, could revolutionize the way CubeSats operate in…

4 years ago

A Satellite With a Harpoon, Net and Drag Sail to Capture Space Junk is in Orbit and Will be Tested Soon

The RemoveDebris satellite, a spacecraft designed to remove junk from orbit, recently deployed from the ISS to begin demonstrating its…

4 years ago

Are You Ready For The NanoSWARM?

Nanosatellites and CubeSats may change the face of space exploration.

6 years ago

NASA Approves First Commercial Airlock for Space Station Science and SmallSat Deployment

In a significant move towards further expansion of the International Space Station’s (ISS) burgeoning research and commercial space economy capabilities,…

6 years ago

The Fire In Orbit This Time… Again

Upon departing the ISS after a month-long stay, the Cygnus CRS OA-5 mission began conducting a controlled fire experiment... in…

6 years ago

What are CubeSats?

Developed near the turn of the century, CubeSat technology has made space exploration and orbital research a lot more accessible.

6 years ago