NASA Approves First Commercial Airlock for Space Station Science and SmallSat Deployment

In a significant move towards further expansion of the International Space Station’s (ISS) burgeoning research and commercial space economy capabilities,…

4 years ago

The Fire In Orbit This Time… Again

Upon departing the ISS after a month-long stay, the Cygnus CRS OA-5 mission began conducting a controlled fire experiment... in…

4 years ago

What are CubeSats?

Developed near the turn of the century, CubeSat technology has made space exploration and orbital research a lot more accessible.

4 years ago

The Photon Sieve Could Revolutionize Optics

Scientists at NASA"s Goddard Space Flight Center are developing the photon sieve, a small, inexpensive device designed to study the…

4 years ago

First Interplanetary CubeSats to Launch on NASA’s 2016 InSight Mars Lander

NASA's two small MarCO CubeSats will be flying past Mars in 2016 just as NASA's next Mars lander, InSight, is…

6 years ago

NASA Wants To Launch Tiny Moon Satellites On Its Next-Generation Rocket

As the space community counts down the days to the long-awaited Dec. 4 uncrewed launch of the Orion spacecraft --…

6 years ago

Making Cubesats do Astronomy

One doesn't take two cubesats and rub them together to make static electricity. Rather, you send them on a brief space voyage…

6 years ago

When Doves Fly: Swarm Of Tiny Satellites Shot From Space Station

Astronauts fired up the International Space Station's Yard-a-Pult (actually, we mean the Japanese Kibo arm's satellite launcher) this week to…

7 years ago

What Can You Do With a Cubesat?

We’ve had several articles recently cubesats -- low-cost satellites that seem to be the wave of the future. As technology…

8 years ago