CubeSat Propulsion Technologies are Taking Off

CubeSats are becoming ever more popular, with around 2,400 total launched so far. However, the small size limits their options…

1 week ago

A Tiny Telescope is Revealing “Hot Jupiter” Secrets

A recent study presented this week at the 2023 meeting of the American Geophysical Union discusses observations of “hot Jupiters”…

7 months ago

ESA’s Hera Mission is Bringing Two Cubesats Along. They’ll Be Landing on Dimorphos

In about one year from now, the European Space Agency will launch its Hera mission. Its destination is the asteroid…

9 months ago

A Flock of CubeSats Will Use Wings to Maneuver at the Edge of Space

CubeSats are taking on more and more responsibility for remote monitoring of the Earth. As they become more ubiquitous, they…

9 months ago

Spacecraft Could be Equipped With Tiny Thrusters That Use Water for Propellant

Engineers working with the European Space Agency have developed a new thruster design smaller than the tip of your finger.…

10 months ago

The Smallest Radar Ever Sent to Space Will Probe the Interior of Dimorphos After its Impact From DART

Are miniature probes the future of deep space exploration? (more…)

2 years ago

A Year After a Failed Launch, Firefly Reaches Orbit and Deploys Satellites

Edited on 10/6/22 to add new information from Seradata. Commercial space company Firefly Aerospace successfully launched its Alpha rocket for…

2 years ago

A Mission to Reach the Solar Gravitational Lens in 30 Years

NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts is famous for supporting outlandish ideas in the astronomy and space exploration fields. Since being…

2 years ago

Finally, a Practical use for Space-Based Power Beaming. Sending Power to Satellites in Shade

Power beaming is one of those technologies that can completely change the world.  Almost unlimited power wherever it is needed,…

2 years ago

Company Tests Iodine Thruster in Space for the First Time

Ion thrusters have played second fiddle to chemical rockets for most of the history of space exploration.  Part of that…

3 years ago