Gravitational Lensing

An Epic Collaboration Between Hubble and JWST

Hubble and Webb have come together to create one of the most detailed and revealing images of an iconic galaxy…

4 weeks ago

Civilizations Could Use Gravitational Lenses to Transmit Power From Star to Star

A new paper shows how gravitational lenses could be used to beam power from one star system to another.

1 month ago

Can There Be Double Gravitational Lenses?

If you, like me, have used telescopes to gaze out at the wonders of the Universe, then you too may…

1 month ago

This Photonic Crystal Bends Light Like a Black Hole

One of the first observational tests of general relativity was that the path of light bends in the presence of…

1 month ago

Astronomers Find a Rare “Einstein Cross”

Gravitational lensing is one of astronomy's great wonders: a natural lens that magnifies the distant universe. Sometimes a lensing system…

4 months ago

Astronomers See the Same Supernova Four Times Thanks to a Gravitational Lens

Thanks to a well-placed gravitational lens, a team of astronomers was able to observe a supernova four times!

6 months ago

Gravitational Lensing is Helping to Nail Down Dark Matter

Using gravitational lenses, a team of astronomers showed how axions could be the particle that makes up Dark Matter.

7 months ago

Astronomers Think They've Found One of the Biggest Black Holes Ever Seen

Using the Gravitational Lensing technique, astronomers have found evidence of what could be the largest black hole ever detected!

8 months ago

A Rogue Earth and Neptune Might Have Been Found in Older Data

Scientists have found what appear to be rogue planets hidden in old survey data. Their results are starting to define…

9 months ago

A Novel Propulsion System Would Hurl Hypervelocity Pellets at a Spacecraft to Speed it up

A new proposal for a pellet-beam spacecraft could enable interstellar missions and a Solar Gravitational Lens in a matter of…

11 months ago