Gravitational Lensing

Another Strike Against Primordial Black Holes as an Explanation for Dark Matter

The quest to understand dark matter has taken many twists and turns. It's a scientific tale but also a human…

4 weeks ago

Gravitational Lenses Could Pin Down Black Hole Mergers with Unprecedented Accuracy

Gravitational wave astronomy has been one of the hottest new types of astronomy ever since the LIGO consortium officially detected…

2 months ago

Formation-Flying Spacecraft Could Probe the Solar System for New Physics

It's an exciting time for the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology. Thanks to cutting-edge observatories, instruments, and new techniques,…

3 months ago

Gravitationally Lensed Supernovae are Another Way to Measure the Expansion of the Universe

Supernova are a fascinating phenomenon and have taught us much about the evolution of stars. The upcoming Nancy Grace Roman…

5 months ago

Another Example of a Fantastic Einstein Ring

The most evocative astronomy images take us across space and time to stars and galaxies billions of light-years away. Nestled…

6 months ago

An Epic Collaboration Between Hubble and JWST

Hubble and Webb have come together to create one of the most detailed and revealing images of an iconic galaxy…

8 months ago

Civilizations Could Use Gravitational Lenses to Transmit Power From Star to Star

A new paper shows how gravitational lenses could be used to beam power from one star system to another.

9 months ago

Can There Be Double Gravitational Lenses?

If you, like me, have used telescopes to gaze out at the wonders of the Universe, then you too may…

9 months ago

This Photonic Crystal Bends Light Like a Black Hole

One of the first observational tests of general relativity was that the path of light bends in the presence of…

9 months ago

Astronomers Find a Rare “Einstein Cross”

Gravitational lensing is one of astronomy's great wonders: a natural lens that magnifies the distant universe. Sometimes a lensing system…

12 months ago