crewed mission to Mars

Electrodes in Spacesuits Could Protect Astronauts from Harmful Dust on Mars

To quote NASA associate administrator Jim Reuter, sending crewed missions to Mars by 2040 is an "audacious goal." The challenges…

1 day ago

NASA Wants Your Ideas on How to Keep Trash-Burning Reactors Working for Future Missions to Mars!

In preparation for missions to Mars, NASA and HeroX have launched their third challenge for dealing with space waste: The…

2 years ago

NASA and HeroX Want Your Ideas for How to Deal with Space Waste!

NASA and HeroX are looking for innovative ideas for what to do about the non-recyclable waste astronauts will have to…

2 years ago

NASA and HeroX Want to Convert Waste in Space and Monitor Air-Quality Here on Earth

NASA and HeroX just launched two exciting incentive competitions to address the challenges of astronaut waste during missions to Mars…

2 years ago

A Human Mission to Mars Should Last a Maximum of 4 Years

According to a new study by an international team of researchers, a mission to Mars would have to be less…

2 years ago

Every Challenge Astronauts Will Face on a Flight to Mars

A team of researchers from India conducted a study that considers all the hazards of sending crews to Mars (which…

3 years ago

Land Heavier Payloads on Mars. Aim for the Ground and Then Pull up at the Last Moment

A team of researchers has devised a new strategy for landing heavier craft on Mars, which could allow for crewed…

5 years ago

Extreme Bacteria on the Space Station are Evolving to Handle the Harsh Conditions, not to Make Astronauts Sick

A new study conducted by researchers from NWU has shown that bacteria do not mutate into super bugs.

5 years ago

NASA Reignites Program for Nuclear Thermal Rockets

NASA recently announced a three-year partnership with BWXT to develop nuclear thermal rockets for future mission to Mars and beyond!

7 years ago

Cancer Risk for a Human Mars Mission Just Got a Lot Worse

A new study by scientists from UNLV indicates that astronauts going to Mars will be at an increased risk of…

7 years ago