If We Could Find Them, Primordial Black Holes Would Explain a Lot About the Universe

As far as we know, black holes can only be formed by the death of massive stars, but a persistent…

3 weeks ago

Everything in the Universe Fits in This One Graph. Even the Impossible Stuff

The Universe has physical constants, such as the force of gravity that define everything. If these constants were any different,…

1 month ago

A Fast Radio Burst Took 8 Billion Years to Reach Us

A newly discovered fast radio burst (FRB) absolutely smashed the record for the most distant ever discovered. The burst was…

1 month ago

The Big Bang: What is it? Why study it? What happened before? How will it all end?

Approximately 13.8 billion years ago, the greatest event in all of existence occurred that literally created existence itself. This event…

2 months ago

A New Telescope Could Detect Decaying Dark Matter in the Early Universe

A gap in astronomical knowledge is Cosmic Dawn, a time when the first stars in the Universe formed, ending the…

3 months ago

New Horizons is So Far Away, it Can Measure the True Darkness of the Universe

NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft has completed its flybys of Pluto and Arrakoth and is now about 8 billion kilometers from…

4 months ago

Did the Pulsar Timing Array Actually Detect Colliding Primordial Black Holes?

With last week's announcement of the gravitational wave background detected by timing arrays, the assumption was that these are the…

5 months ago

Two New Space Telescopes Will Bring Dark Energy Into Focus

The ESA's Euclid and NASA's Nancy Grace Roman space telescope will work together to resolve the mystery of cosmic expansion!

5 months ago

Nancy Grace Roman Could Detect Supermassive Dark Stars

Dark stars are hypothetical objects that might have been present in the early Universe before the first stars and even…

5 months ago

The Earth's Magnetosphere Could be Used as a Gravitational Wave Observatory

The magnetospheres of Earth and Jupiter might be used to observe high-frequency gravitational waves.

7 months ago